I\'m not much of a blogger mainly because when I have a point, it takes me about 10 minutes to get to it. I\'ve already started out off topic of the original point of this blog, so I\'ll cut to the chase.


Decisions. I\'m not talking about life changing decisions here. So if you\'re reading this for some sort of spiritual guidance, you\'ll most certainly be disappointed. But I don\'t like to disappoint people, so if you need spiritual guidance, just know that where ever you\'re living, someone probably died in your vicinity. So you\'ve probably got ghosts floating around right now reading over your shoulder. Spooky eh? Sleep well.



So I\'ve found myself annoyed. I can\'t make my mind up. I\'m poor and budgets suck. I\'m using a ghetto laptop right now. There\'s a crack in the screen, a missing caplock key and a broken dvd drive. It crashes and overheats all the time and worst of all, it\'s a Dell. Needless to say, I need a new one. And I\'ve found a new one. A nice Asus. I went and looked at it and liked it. It would suit me perfectly.


The other item is a sexy red acoustic Yamaha guitar. Now strictly talking to the guys. Imagine your lady in some sexy lingerie. That\'s what this guitar is like to me.


So from a guys perspective this is like deciding between the sexy car, or the sexy woman whose giving the car a wash in a bikini. You need the car but you REALLY want that woman.


A girls perspective… Well all kitchen jokes aside, I\'m going to avoid castration and move on from that.


I can\'t have both… Yet. It\'s basically down to the point of should I get the guitar and wait til I can afford another laptop and who knows, one better may come along or buy the laptop and possibly miss out on the opportunity of picking up that guitar?


First world problems.

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  1. Skunner 10 years ago

    The guitar isn\'t rare at all. But I put too much thought into things like if I buy the laptop, a better one might come out that I wish I waited for. But if I get the guitar, I may have missed out on a brilliant laptop.

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