I found this website after a few of my favourite Anxiety chats went offline. I\'m female, 24, and I\'ve had panic disorder all my life. My mum was agoraphobic when I was young so I didn\'t get out much. My anxiety is \'treated\' with Diazepam 10mg and Seroquel 50mg. I\'ve tried every anti-depressant out there. My social phobia gets worse. I quit my job this past October because I couldn\'t take it any longer. I don\'t understand people\'s facial expressions and I go dizzy when they talk to me. All of my friends are online. I only have one friend in real life – I have a wonderful husband that works to support us and understands very well, or tries to.

Anyway.. enough of my life story.

Today I went to the dentist which was a task and a half on it\'s own. I was shaking in the chair. The Dentist was trying to joke with me and it wasn\'t working. I was petrified. I am extremely squeemish about teeth and sitting in the Dentist\'s chair is a nightmare. Even though I have good dental hygene – I brush twice daily, floss and use mouthwash – I still need 2 Crowns and more fillings than I care to mention. When I was told this, my heart sank. I thought of the many hours I have to sit in the Dentist\'s chair while I am drilled into.. I can\'t stop crying now.

I don\'t want to be ruled by panic, but I am. It has gripped me all my life.. I don\'t believe I will ever be \'cured\'. I just have my better days.

I wish my brain had an off button. Non stop I have been thinking about this Dental work that I need and my appetite is completely gone.. my husband tempted me to eat a slice of pizza but that\'s all I could manage. He offered me other things he knows I like but I just feel too afraid to do anything but sit.

  1. exdeath 12 years ago

    ask for gas and you wont even remember it

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  2. Katymyster24 12 years ago

    I don\'t want to be ruled by panic either, but it seems latey, that it\'s trying to run my entire life, especially when it\'s time to go to bed. I lost my appetite two weeks ago… for different reasons. I wish you better days. Try not to dwell on the anxiety and panic of the dentist. Focus on positive things, which there is a lot of positivity out there in this world. I hope one day we can overcome panic. Sometimes, I think..if panic attacks were something physical, Id really love to punch the crap out of them. Grr..I don\'t know why I have panic disorder, but I know I can\'t dwell on it and wonder why or what if. I have struggled with panic for 23 years. Most of my life.. I am sure I will deal with it the rest of my life, but I want to know how to control it, because it goes away for a couple months, but when it comes back, it\'s the most terrifying experience ever!! Take care and I wish you all the best! 🙂

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