Losing someone close to you is always rough- especially if you felt like you could have spent more time with them. I just want to give some tips on how to handle someone you’ve lost through my own experiences.

When you’ve first lost someone close to you, something I’d try is to take a break from it. It can really stress you out when you’ve just got the wound. Take some time before it settles in. They’d want you to be able to think rationally.

Second, I’d recommend you think about the good times. If we have someone forever, what’s the point in having good times? There’s so much to look back on, but don’t get stuck there.

If you’re suffering because you miss them, think about it. Would they have wanted you to sit there sad forever? Of course not! So yes, take time to miss them, but you can’t just give up. Giving up is the opposite of what you need. Push forward, and break through barriers.

Now, I’m not really one to talk as I’ve only lost one person, but still. No one can judge you for mourning. Just don’t let their end be your life. They got theirs, you deserve to live yours.


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