On eggshells

If only for just a little while.

Cracked and empty

My river is shards of glass

The fish make up a little less then half.

I feel alone and swollen

Surfing down salty seas.

The daze of the morning fog

Has seeped through

Collapsing upon my soft membranes.

I cannot go on

Will not struggle further.

Can you follow me

Down holes that do not exist?

Drown with me

In the driest of deserts

Until the breath no longer leaks past

Chapped lips.

Virgin skin

Exposed to natures harsh rays;

Peel away

Exterior pain.

What lies beneath is much the same.

I am gone for now

But not forever.

Don’t search for me

I’m under the trees and leaves.

I am drifting through this lullaby.

Tears only empty

Into larger oceans.

Save them up so you can sail

On this dream forever once more.


Copyright 2008 Jade Clark

All Rights Reserved


(I was kind of free writing, letting my mind go…this is what I got)


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