I am now in the 3rd trimester! Thank God it’s nearly over, as I have been feeling increasingly fed-up and impatient with being pregnant throughout January. I like feeling my baby kick, and knowing that she’s bigger than average still gives me a thrill, but I’m so near the finish line. Her head has been 3/5 engaged for 2 weeks now and recently has started to feel a bit lower, so I expect she’ll be 4/5 soon. All this may seem like progress but if the Ultrasound was right, it’s quite early for my stage of pregnancy, and of course it brings with it all the discomforts of the later stages, before time. I have what feel like period cramps alot, particularly yesterday and today – which are upsetting my bowl movements (lovely). I don’t think they’re Braxton Hicks. I always thought they would be obvious, but I’m not so sure now – this is my 1st baby, so it’s all new and wierd! I also have been experiencing ‘shocks’ in my lower regions where the baby’s head jars against my nerves/bones or something. Very unpleasant. I am actually pretty big now, and feel tired very easily, though the urge to exercise is quite compelling (strange). I find it very hard to get comfortable in bed, particularly as I feel quite breathless when I lie-down. And also, because my preffered position is on my back, which of course is not really allowed at this stage of pregnancy. Fortunatley an hour of tossing and turning tires me out enough to sleep anyway. Sigh. As you can probably tell, my patience is wearing thin.
On other, though similar, fronts I have been very very emotional lately. Not tearful, but over-sensitive. Not helped by the fact that my partner has been very stressed over work lately and has been a bit snappy himself.
I am sooo tired right now. My fella had to finish this coursework before 12pm today, so he worked through the night, and periodically woke me up. I slept alot more than he did, but I still feel completely washed out. :dizzy:
Oh well. I hope my moaning is not TOO annoying (!), and I hope everyone is feeling good today (: BD


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