I can’t say too much but basically I am kind of taking a step back in my career. I knew finding a job in my industry might be a little tough. It’s hard to understand the make up of the Game Industry and exactly how testers fit in unless you’ve done the work. Many don’t make it… let’s just say it has a high turn over rate. I know this but I have fought this and have built up skills with my previous employer. I expected to be able to use these skills to get a job with similar pay as to what I was making at my last company. Unfortunately that is not the case. My skills have not been assessed and I am being treated like a newbie in my field and there for am frustrated. I calmly spoke with someone about this but it was of no use. There are way too many people who would want my job for the pay I have it at… I’m basically stuck starting over and working back to the top. This isn’t an easy task to do in my field. I hope since I do have certain skills that this moving up higher bussiness will be easier than I am thinking. We will see. I won’t speculate too far into the future but I am really excited for this job and I really do appreciate it… I just wish there was a way I could be compensated better or bring it up without feeling like I am risking my job or being arrogant.

It’s time I invest all my time into work and school again. I’m ready for it. It will be tough. Everyday will be long hours. I might get stressed, I might get cranky, but I know this is what I need to do. I am working toward graduation and building vital skills and a reputation that will help me in the future. I’m ready for this… this is what I want from my life right now.


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