Long story short my parents are trying to put my boyfriend in jail for an accident because they don't like him. This whole mess has been going on since February and my nerves are completely fried. He should be in jail but we decided to take it to trial, which sometimes feels like we are prolonging the inevitable. We are trying to get money together for a better lawyer, but so far that isn't working. The public defender is an idiot and I don't trust him to keep my boyfriend out of jail. I haven't talked to my mom in a while because of this, which sucks because she is sick and we used to be close. She just won't get it through her head that I'm going to spend my life with my boyfriend, whether she likes it or not. On top of that I decided to quit a good job to go back to nursing school. So I'm completely broke. I just started a new job last week for minimum wage, which isn't going to be able to pay my bills. The job is a lot of responsibility for the money I'm getting (I have to pass meds and care for people). So, I'm nervous about being on my own tomorrow because my training is over. I left for a couple days to visit family and get away from this nightmare but I can't relax and my head is spinning with stress. All my friends have their own problems, so I hate to always be talking to them about it. Let's face it, not much they say can help. It won't change anything. I'd go to a therapist but along with being broke I have no health insurance. Everything is just such a mess. I'm trying to stay strong for my boyfriend but I don't know how much longer I can keep up this front. :/

  1. RZA324 9 years ago

    You say your parents are trying to put him in jail because they don't like him and that it was an accident.  Seems there is more to the story here.  You need to stay strong for youself and be aware of your surroundings and what you are getting yourself into.  Being a nurse is a challenging career that takes a lot of dedication and stability overall.  Good Luck with everything, I think you need to try to just sit back and replay the events in your head and come up with a concrete decision on what and why you are seemingly throwing everything you have, your career, your family, for this person.   If you don't put yoruself first you can't help anyone else.

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  2. britney121 9 years ago

    Thank you guys for your input. I've known my boyfriend 7 years now. He isn't something new in my life and honestly he's the only person who has ever made me truly happy. We have been together a year and a half, and we live together now. He has a bad boy rep and unfortunately we live in a small town where people talk, rumors run wild, and the truth is always twisted. We decided to move home to get help from our families while I go back to school, which ended up biting me in the ass. My mom is a total gossip queen and listened to all the rumors before he even had a chance to make a good impression. I may be young but I feel I'm wise and a good judge of character. I've moved to big cities by myself 3 times, so I feel I know what I need now. He is the man I intend to spend the rest of my life with, just sucks I have to fight so hard for what makes me happy. And as for the career I gave up. ..I was miserable there and I don't regret for one minute the choices I've made. I am trying like hell to make it one day at a time.

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