Today, I woke up feeling discouraged, and lacking motivation.

Yesterday, my husband told me he was embarrassed to be with me at the grocery store because I was the only one he saw wiping down the grocery cart I was going to use

Then, in the store he questioned why I was buying vitamins and told me how it would cost in total for the two kinds.     He later reminded me again how much it cost.

At the self check out, a employee made a rude comment to him.    He seems unable to deal with things like that but he can take stuff out on me verbally.

He blamed me for wanting to go to the store earlier than he wanted to go for the way he treated me

I was glad when he went to work.

I sat up in bed even though I frel sad.

Next,  I stood up, took a shower, and got dressed.

I then walked to the kitchen and made homemade soup and two different kinds of cupcakes.

The sun was shining through the window and one of my Beta fish swam up to the top of the aquarium to greet me.

Then, the dogs wanted to be let out in the yard.   I was barefooted and the ground wasn’t as cold as I expected.   I saw puffy clouds in the sky.

It all started from getting out of bed and I am proud of myself.   Thanks for reading.

I am proud of you for doing the best you can today.




  1. coleyshan01 8 months ago

    I am 18 months into having chronic anxiety. Move to another state, but prior to that was robbed, spent eight weeks in isolation because of Covid, had to sell my house, had to deal with a crazy roommate, had a pacemaker put in, and it goes on and on all within eight weeks. I fear constantly and I’m wondering can I ever get over this? I see a therapist and I do take medication. The depression has been almost unbearable, not used to living like this. Any words of encouragement that I can beat this? Thank you in advance

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      lacey7 8 months ago

      I will answer the question. My information is based on my research and things I do to help myself with depression, memories of trauma, ptsd, anxiety, dealing with living “here” verses where I am from.

      We sold our house I loved where I am from and moved “here” and it is thumbs down of change.

      Basic to you ?

      First, try self parenting talk to yourself in your mind when you feel anxious or depressed. In your mind, first acknowledge the way you feel and then you think of something you would say to another person or to a young child and then say the words in your mind to “comfort yourself with words” For example, “I know I feel depressive and anxious right now and it is know the reason why. It is okay to be overwhelmed. I am going to sit here and focus on slowly breaking in and slowly breathing out.” I put a hand over my heart and one finger from the other hand over the area right above my top lip while I am validating myself and focusing on breathing.

      It sounds like you due to your trauma and the changes that you live with some ptsd possibly in addition to depression and anxiety.

      Also, you can do the pick the garbage pail or filing system / add to do later list solution. Imagine you feel upset/ depressed and anxious right now.

      In your mind come up with the words that describe your thoughts and decide if you want to keep that thought (file it away to revisit later, for example, I need to go to the store and I don’t feel like it right now.”

      Okay, now mentally imagine yourself filing those word into a file in your brain. Then, write the words go to the store on a to do later list. A bonus is to rank how urgent the task is one through 3!

      Then, imagine a thought in your mind is very negative. Label words out loud in your mind and visualize the words that appear in your mind. Now what actions do these thought / and words require? Do you want to throw them away after labeling them or do they need filled away for action later? Do you want to research tjr topic later? Maybe journal on the topic? Do you need to add something else to your to do later list? If so, add it, If the thought is worth keeping visualize it actually going into a file in your mind. If the thought is one you one to let go and no action on your part can change or fix it, visualize the thought and words deceiving it going out of your mind into a waste basket.

      Also, when you feel anxious and not depressed, I learned another option. Anxiety and excitement are the same emotion to the brain. When you feel anxious and over whelmed, tell yourself that you feel excited! It can calm anxiety!! True, you are lying to to brain but you are rewiring it in a way because it cab work as a affirmation.

      Hugs to you

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      • Author
        lacey7 8 months ago

        Auto correct changed can into cab

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        • Author
          lacey7 8 months ago

          You asked for words of encouragement….

          I heard wise words that inspired me to today. The person had gone through being robbed and was dealing with having to replace many essential items to his livelihood.

          He said that he was going to keep moving forward one step at a time. He said that know that there will be better times ahead but right now he is going through not the best times.

          It was comforting to me to hear that you can tell yourself that life can get better and it will!

          It is also okay to acknowledge that you aren’t in the best or easiest place in your life right now.

          You are brave and doing the best you can. It is more than good enough.

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  2. beansprout 8 months ago


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  3. anxioususer 8 months ago

    I commend you on finding the positives in your day. I too feel like my partner is always picking apart what I say and do – coming to a realization that I don’t think it’s his intention as much as me being triggered from have hypercritical upbringing. Time will tell 🙂

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