I did some research on depression and read that being near water helps!

Then, I went to a lake and ate some food I packed! I saw ducks, geese etc swimming together.  The wind blew the water and it resembled mini ocean waves coming up to the sandy and rocky shoreline.

Next I did some thinking, I was holding on some anger, hurt feelings and the people that caused those feelings don’t deserve my energy or thoughts.    I felt the anger and hurt feelings leave my body and I suddenly felt content.  I felt grateful for the opportunity to see the toxic peoples true colors.   I felt thankful to not waste good expectations or my energy on them.  Kharma is a real thing and they will have the what they did to me come back to hurt them.  I don’t have to feel sad, angry, hurt.  They don’t deserve for me to care about them.

I picked up some nice rocks for a flower arrangement base and saw a black bird with a red stripe in the middle.

I walked 11 miles too! It was far more interesting views than walking in the country! The weather was 71 degrees!

Thanks for listening.


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