Hi my name is Amoni wanted to keep that a secret but fuck that I’m hurt my mother took custody of my daughter ! No reason at all just to be spiteful because she didn’t like our relationship! This shit hurt my baby father killed himself and his girlfriend on January 07 2021 because he got tired of fighting for custody my mom wouldn’t let him see our kid that we made. And his furenal was on my birthday 💔 that was the first time I’ve seen my daughter in months this sh*t hurts now she’s telling people I’m on drugs molly, crack cocaine like WTF I PASS EVERY DRUG TEST THEY THROW AT ME It’s the hair test everytime clean we went to court she had a attorney I did not I want into the court house I see her hunging over my baby father he’s crying because she told him I caused all of this HOW HOW HOW THE F**k so they call us in to court I tell my daddy to come and my babyfather they wouldn’t allow them into the court room which I found pretty strange so I continued and her attorney was so nasty with me I didn’t do anything to neither one of them I started crying the judge looked at me funny so I handed him my paperwork showing them I had took parenting classes twice ! Paperwork showing them I had my own place and it’s safe here ! I also showed the judge paperwork showing that I had a well paying job making 14.20 a hour at this time I didn’t have a car so I was driving my friends. So after I gave him all that information he’s going to look at her attorney and he hit the bell stating that she’s granted temporary custody of my baby that broke me I ran out and found my baby father n punched him dead in his face I couldn’t hit my mom nor father so he was the next best thing. So the day goes on I’m hard down tryna cope with the fact the judge gave my mom custody of my child when she had a open dss case on her at the time and o did I mention she’s married to a sex offender I’m crying this hurts why does my mom hate me ?


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