Do any of you remember this saying above?  Well, today is Palm Sunday and we're nearing Good Friday and Easter Sunday, our Christian Holidays.  I've been a Christian since I was very young. My whole family came our of a disfunctional atmosphere.  I heard my brother say it's by the Grace of God we all became Christians out of this, but we did. I read in the Bible scriptures that we have to go through hardships to build our character, we're like diamonds in the rough.  If we didn't go through these hardships what would we be, spoiled not needing God, trying to be God ourselves. So maybe that's why we have our ocd and things we have to suffer so we can keep close with Him.  To some of you this may seem crazy but men in the Bible suffered just as we do now.  Then Friday I was thinking and praying and the thought about Christ and what He went through right before His death and resurrection.  You know He was ridiculed, spit upon, beaten, thrashed 40 times on the back, crowned with thorns deap in the head, nailed hands and feet, drank vinegar because of His thirst, a spear went in His chest, hung on the cross,  and bore all our sins on top of that God His Father turned His Head away from Him.  Now we may ask why me,but why not me. We can compare ourselves to Him only that we suffer, today, so maybe we should be glad so that we can remain close to Him.  After crying about these thoughts, this whole weekend I felt His presence so I know our minds as He would have them to keep on Him and we will be healed of our ocd and other health issues. Maybe not today and then again it could be for some of us today to be healed. For others of us maybe tomorrow.  One day I know if we follow Him and we continue to pray as it's not about us but HIm we'll be at peace, with no more crying, depression, worry, and everything else that puts us in despair. AS He said IT IS FINISHED!  

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  1. jheng 14 years ago

    i certainly beleive in you friend. Hope everyone will have the same hope as we have to cling only to Jesus cause HE is the greatest healer.Hope is well and i believe in you…..God Bless you all the way

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