6/24/08 Nine days sober YeePee, but boy, oh boy, do I get sick of feeling sooo tired. Sleep way too much, in pain way too much, it's hard to keep a good attitude, but I'm trying and really this site makes a difference, I look forward to all the cute messages and chatting with everyone, it's great, Thank You, you wonderful people.

6/18/08    I'm doing good today, another day sober, that's always good. Went to a good Womens AA meeting, where I'm sure I'll find a sponsor. Right now I need to work on my sleeping habits, keep staying up so late, that I end up sleeping too much in the day time. I'm not getting things done, I need to do, so I'm going to try and change this. Love to ALL. XOXOX  Oh I'm so happy today, because for some reason, I know I will be sober today and I even tomorrow, why, I believe because I made that decision, I prayed a little (need pactice with that cuz I haven't done it much) and told every and anyone I could so it would be real and I feel it as my truth today, whew, I was afraid I would not be able to find it, that feeling when you absolutly know you'll be sober today!!! WOO HOO!!!

 HOPEFUL, That is my word for today, why, because I decided it was OK, that I don't know what I'm doing. It's OK I had a relapse, all I have to do is stay sober today. It's OK and didn't start out with the right type, I changed it now. I can make myself feel soo much better if I just decide that's what I'm going to do today. I will be happy today.

5/30/08Had a small relapse (with alcohol) I say small cuz I've had lots of relapses and I can tell this is differrent, I didn't get blotto and I don't have the energy and even better the desire to keep drinking, but I'vwe had alcohol problems my whole life, so I know I can't play with this. I just don't know what exactly I want to do, I should throw myself into the program, but I know I won't, then I'll feel guilty and worse about myself, I want to stay connected tho, AA has always been more helpful than anything else.


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