i found out tonight that i fit into the dress i graduated high school in and i am so proud of myself!

i gained so much weight when i was on medication before (100 pounds in 1 year) that my self esteem has just dropped. i went from 107 pounds(i was so  underweight struggling to gain weight because for some odd reason i couldn\'t keep it on metabolism was too fast i was told by my doctor) to 207 pounds by the time i graduated high school. before i kicked myself in gear i topped out at 230 i\'ve lost 55 pounds in a year and a half. i\'m still trying to lose the weight i want to be at least 125 which was the goal weight i was trying to get to before i went on medication and ended up gaining way too much, but still i am still so proud of myself that i was able to fit into that dress, i was talking to my mom and grandmother about dresses and my mom mentioned that particular dress was in the guest room closet so i went and got it and wondered if i could fit into it again so i tried it on and lo and behold it fit! i was so happy i almost cried. it really got me more movtivated than i already am to get to my goal weight and certainly boosted my self-esteem. that boost could not have come at a better time, i have decided to go ahead and get tested for lupus i had a family member in my extended family get diagnosed with it in the last few years when i found out that it was a possiblity that i could have inherited the gene too i decided to get tested for it so that has been bothering me quite a bit the last few days when i made my final descision to get it done. i\'m scared to get the test but i know i have to. it is quite a scary concept. For those who aren\'t aware of what lupus is, lupus is a disease where your bodies defenses turn in on itself pretty much your body is attacking itself, and is potentially life threatening and it is not curable. There are different forms of lupus and none of them are very pleasent and it can be misdiagnosed for other aliments as well. So my high school graduation dress fitting was a major boost for me. i am quite happy right now.

  1. buffster 13 years ago

    \..when I went on Anafranil several years ago I rocketed up from a svelt 168 lbs to a less-than-girlish full-figured 218 in a matter of a few months..the good news was it was water-weight so as soon as I went off this med the weight peeled away in a matter of weeks *a lil TMI but believe the operative term for then would have been "like a racehorse"*..if this is the case with you then u may want 2 ask ur doc about prescribing diretics to counter-balance the water retention effects..should it be a caloric problem then another suggestion would be to drink tea   with everything you eat..its mentioned in James Clavell’s "Taipan" & there is real no kidding science to support it..good luck with everything & keep us in the know..\

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  2. stephanie08 13 years ago

    yay! congrats- that is a great accomplishment! goodluck on the testing…my grandma has lupis. Let me know how it goes…I will be praying for you

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