so im very fearful for my sister and im not to sure what to do we\'re not blood related doesnt mean i dont love  her any less but lately she seems really stressed and down and i think i should say shes in AA not because shes a alcoholic but it runs in the family her father died from alcoholism about 5 years ago and ill be honest she use to smoke alot of pot never really drank much but yea besides the point well shes under alot of stress from her 3 year old son working and going to school i try to help her out the best i can but i feel like shes slipping further and further away not to mention i think im a huge bad influence i dont drink around her but theres face book and of course she hears from our friends and family about how i go out and have fun with my friends im 21 and like to go out maybe once twice a week and i think she really feels left out im scared for her because shes worked so hard being sober a focused on her future and unlike me she doesnt have any anixety or panic attacks she can do so much and it saddens me to think that she can throw away all her hard work but i do have to blame our cousin and other sister who continue to basicly rub it her face our cuz turn 21 the other week she lives at home with my sister and our other sister shell show up all wasted and come home at late hours and i dont understand how she can act like that when we both know how serious this is for her im all anxious and not sure what to do i feel like ive tried every thing to help ease the stress ughhhhh maybe i should just kick my cousins a** lol well if anyone has any suggestions im all ears thanks for listen n and sorry ik my family is all confuse n hope u followed some of it lol

– kate


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