Some of you may have heard about this. I saw it featured in a Nova ScienceNOW episode entitled "How Does The Brain Work?" It's a method in which a device is fastened to the head and electromagnetic current is applied to various areas of the brain. Triggering different areas results in a different response, for example, it can cause you to slur while speaking or can cause involuntary movement of selected appendages and extremeties. Though primarily used to treat depression and possibly other brain-derived illnesses, I did some quick research on the success of its application with OCD. It seems to be ultimately ineffective at reducing OCD symptoms, most likely due to an incomplete understanding of stimulation taylored to OCD specifically. Maybe with time, it will pan out, but I doubt as of right now it is a particularly effective treatment option.

However, the prevailing feeling after researching this (the need to being brought on by anxiety) is that unless it is proven to be highly effective, with low side effects and an affordable cost, I would almost rather keep trying on my own to manage symptoms. Do you think the need to rid oneself of OCD is caused by the disorder itself to some extent? Would you feel like you copped out if there were a cure somehow and you took it? I understand how this is a distortion of reasoning and that things aren't so black and white. It just seems "right" to me to be able to manage the disorder as much as I can as per seeking medicinal cures. In other words, surrounding myself with positive supportive people, friends and family as well as having a good therapist seems to be on the right track compared to proported "cures." I don't think OCD may ever be something which can be cured. It is a condition and one with possibly as many benefits as detriments, even though it may not seem that way and even writing it feels insincere. Nevertheless, it may be the nature of the beast and an exclusive nature that is better understood and managed than subjected to attempts of riddance.


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