So, things are rough right now.

Teddy still isn't eating much of anything. He's lost a lot of weight. You can see it. He can't walk up the two stairs from the yard without like a lot of encouragement and help. He drinks a lot of water. He can't jump. He can't chase his ball. He doesn't sing much. He has some trouble walking and he loves to go on walks, but not today. Tomorrow is the scope of his stomach. I thought it might be leptosporosis. That's what I woke up thinking today, but when I talked to his vet, his vet said both his blood panels didn't show that. He's lethargic and just wants to sleep. I'm feeding him whatever he wants because he needs the calories. Today that was a slice of bologna, a slice of cheese, and some liver–all hand fed in little pieces. He won't touch his treats. I've put him back on his antibiotics, because if it is leptosporosis, I want him treated and they were originally prescribed for a kidney infection (and that goes hand in hand with leptosporosis). I'm frustrated and I'm scared–for him and for me. If his vet finds nothing tomorrow, we go to Michigan State Veterinary Clinic. I'm scared he's going to you know. And the last time that happened I wasn't ready, but I had a build-up to it. And he was much older. And Teddy is such a baby. He's had his teeth checked. His mouth checked, blood tests run for everything from diabetes to who knows what, and everything is negative. And it might sound really stupid, but I don't even LIKE life most of the time. I'd gladly trade the rest of mine for his. So that's where we're at. Waiting to see. I've spent a lot of the day crying. Some of it shopping. I cried at dinner in a restaurant. Everything that seems so good or importantdoesn't seem good or importantat all right now. Four concerts and I don't care. Lost a "friend" and I don't care. I just want Teddy to be well. So, I'll probably be sleeping next to him on the floor tonight. Wanted to let everybody know what's going on. Take care and give your own animals a big hug tonight.

  1. blondiemom 10 years ago

    Poor baby.  Losing a dog is awful, let me know if I can do anything for you! xoxo

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  2. Catoptromancy 10 years ago

    Thanks, guys. I'm not letting him go anywhere without me in tow. So, trying to be positive.

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  3. Catoptromancy 10 years ago

    Hey everybody. I left my boy at the vet for the morning and, apparently, the afternoon. I get him back around 5 pm EST after they're done with the scope and some other tests. Hoping he's ok over here! Thank you!

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