hey guys just wanted too say hi dont come on much this is frist time in a few years. i have a ? about treatment and what i havent been doing ( please speek your mind if u want dont feal need to hold back) ok here gos iwas tould i was poz back in 07 i didnt like how they did the tests so i covvinced my self it was woung ( thay had 20 of us sit in a room swab us then called the frist one in affter the 20th to tell what the swab read had all the tests on the tabel so it was like to me how do u know whos is hows finly 8mo to a year later i went to docters tould them about it gaot tested with blood this time (thay sayed it was what i thout it was all my counts where fine didnt need any meds or any thingbut then sigh my up for adap to get tested in futuer i did go like 3 times and same thing all counts good i was same if not better then a neg person this now 10 11 so since i never went or looked back and conviced my self im good (i know domb) but dont worrie when i say i put it out of mind i dont meen with dateing and other ppl i didnt do any thing for yrars and the one bf he knew every thing was safe he was on prep and all that ) so as i was saying never went back i never had any problems never sick i last time a had a could or any thing i cant even tell u and all my friends or famli get the comon cold every year or 2 so here i am 8 years later still havnt goon no meds feal fine no rashes no coulds so my ? is is it the meds that make some of the tings happen like hiv aids came out in 81 but way be4 then in the 70s 60s 50s hiv aids was there but just unknown but in 81 when the frist gay gay thay did meds and ten started testing all gay guys and did meds and and with in a mo they all diede and thay called it grid but as time went on they cut back and figuerd out the meds every one stoped dieing and could live a norm life but with having good and bad daysi guess im trying to say or ask am i crazzy should i do meds if thay tell me or wait till i really see or feall something happning


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