I think some one tried breaking in early this morning, just after 4am. Woke up to the horrible noise of three alarms going, the motion sensor out the back and the one on the back screen door that screems bloody murder when opened and the dog lol I bloosy shat myself, its not something some one should wake up to lol. This is the first time some one has tried to break in sinse mum started working away…. Ima lil scared lol The back screen door was left open.

Man do I have some break in stories for you lot lol

the last time we were broken into, they actually got in and got a fair bit, bit our old dog woke mum up with her deep warning bark (too chicken to go check it out herself) and mum looked out her bedroom window and saw a man running back and forth from our house to across the street, once she realised what the hell was going on… I wake up to… "get the f@ck outa my house c!nt!!!!!" got away with a PS2, MP4, camera, dvds, and some other stuff.

Another one… I was alseep, mum was having a bath and bubba was in the bathroom with her, some one came in the back door and stole her car keys and 'tried' to steal her car… they left half way down the street because…. one headlight was out, mum felt soooooooooo lucky.

Another time it was just me home and it was around 8pm and I thought I kept hearing a mouse (we had a mouse in the house at the time) and I kept trying to get the dog into the kitchen to go find it, well she refused so after a while I got up to go see and there was this man laying in the door way (back door) reaching over to take a handbag, I screamed and back up to the door and he ran for it with the bag… funny thing about that was….  I had just gotten back from a friends and had all my make up in the bag he stole hahahahaha *SCORE* lol

And the very 1st time I was on msn chatting to my ex bf, mum and her friend and his brother were upstairs, and for some reason I felt like I had to turn around, so I did and there was a head sticking out of the laundry room, I was so confused… I just typed to my ex bf  "I think I just saw some one" (how dumb lol) and I just sat there for a few minutes and then my ex (bf at the time) told me to go tell mum, so I bolted up stairs and told them what just happened and her friends went on a hunt for this bloke for about two hours with bats, not a very good impression on the neighbours… two big kiwi fella's walking and driving around with bats :S

Lets just hope we have no repeats of any of that… not while im alone please…. theives if you hear me…. wait till mum gets home lol


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