~Shade Of The Demon~

Attempt at murder, violence, rape;

Only wanted your embrace.

World torn apart, you never cared;

Told me lies, then you weren't there.

You left me dead, without my soul;

Never again to be whole.

Continuing on to do again;

More attempts,your life of sin.

Unborn child youcarried on;

To place this heavy burdon upon.

How can you live within yourself;

Your drugs, your deceit, your need of help.

Within your life you take away;

Others rights, we have to pay.

Selfish acts, so evil, so dark;

You walk around playingyour part.

You're not human, you have no soul;

It's all a game, to youa role.

When end is near, then you will be;

Sent to fire for eternity.

So many lives you put at risk;

Your fake self, sealed with akiss.

Continue onyour path of death;

He'll be there waiting,your last breath.

No one will cry, nor pity you;

For this is the life you so choose.

We will survive with hope & faith;

Following our light of his sweet embrace.

Those left behind without a heart;

Will carry on, a fresh new start.

Heaven above will shine upon;

Those youchose to laythis on.

We will not suffer, noanger or pain;

As you, the devil, no longer reign.

All fear is gone, our hearts strong;

For all of uscontinue on.

© 2010 Lisa Renee


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