It has been quite a long wait. Having been given my + diagnosis on 3rd August. I eagerly waited for the day i would actually see a Dr. As i reported ealier, my first appointment was 10th september but it ended with giving more blood samples and having another appointment set for today, 5th October. I was to meet the Dr at 11.00 am, i was there by a quarter to time but i had to wait till 10 minutes past midday. The Dr. was friendly. His first question threw me off my feet – he asked how i was coping with the medicine!!!! Wondered whether he had actually perused my file which lay infront of him! I told him i was yet to start medication. He asked about my general heath, i told him i had no problems apart from feeling like not eating sometimes which, i thought, was being caused by my constant thinking about the Disease.He went into how i should not worry and all that stuff – how the current medicines are superb, how i can leave a normal life etc.He then told me that the findings from my last blood test were very good much as  i was + ( this keeps on puzzling me); my vl was 609 while the CD4 count was 1353.He then explained how my immunity was still ever strong etc the bombshell was when he said i would not be put on medication!! He aded that he did not expect me on medication in the near future. Frankly i was confused.Since my diagnosis, i have psychologically prepared for the medication. I have been reading about the different combinations available, expected side effects etc. I had really prepared so many questions around the medication subject, now here i was! I told him that to me it looked like letting one degenertae into sickness then begin treatment! He said no….explaining some stuff about how the virus operates in the body. He advised me on keeping healthy and and to practise safe sex if i at all got involved( wanted to tell him that i alwas did, that iam still perplexed as to what may have happened, and even then i cannot imagine myself exposing anyone to this terrible disease! That would haunt me to my grave!) Anyways i was at loss, i did not know whether to be happy or sad. I left the room confused that i forgot to give more blood samples like the Dr instructed me!! I will go back tomorrow. The more i comtemplate my situation the more i get confused! I seek for more education and advice.

  1. yk 11 years ago


    MJpositive and thewizz88 thank u for the gidance. It gives me some perspective. 

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  2. yk 11 years ago

    Someone, thanks for your advice. I am in Germany, Berlin. I am seeing a Dr at Benjamin Franklin Hospital. It is a University Hospital and the fellow is a Proff. of immunology. I suppose they are very good. It is the same hospital where the famous " Berlin Patient" was treated. The only person known to have been cured of HIV!!! That accidental cure..u must have read about it. BTW I have never bothered to ask them coz i think it does not hold in our kind of situation. 

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  3. yk 11 years ago

    Immunity…thank you for throwing me a line. Indeed the Dr. said i seem him in december and if the situation has not changed for the worse or has even improved, then i will have to check in once every 6 moths.

    I am looking forward to getting used to this being my new life.. kind of strange but iam slowly accepting it as a challenge i have to put up with.


    Once again thank u….

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