Well I know my journey and where I came from. Many years ago now seems like another lifetime. Hard to think I was the same person. I was wondering why I was sad for so long. I can only think that it was lack of enough love, attention and guidance in my younger years. Everyone make mistakes but a bit more help is appreciated. We can try to achieve on our own, its just that maybe we need the help too oftentimes. (Is that a real word?)

From contemplation to mastery now I guess. Mastery denotes a form o control over things. Not sure that I will have that. An intention to go in a certain direction is something.

I dont feel I can cope with being so much on my own any more. I need to get out and connect with more people. I know a lot of people use each other though . Its important to know what motivated peoples actions. See where they are coming from in themselves. Looks like people act as if they are in charge of their lives, confident, normal. I wish people would just get more real. If they were that much together then they would be sorting others out surely. When do people stop thinking so much about their own self centred and insular lives?

Its a new day now and after I go to sleep and wake up again. How do I think things will be different out there? Most of the time we mainly have the ability to influence our own environment and activities. Just maybe, if we decide to view others in a new way and look at life differently and change our expectations then things can appear different. I think everything happens in consciousness first, so why not?


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