so yesterday i had a emotional breakdown to the point were the cops had to come to my scared and tired of feeling this way,i just wanna go to sleep for good.i'm tired of people pointing out things i do and not lettting me live my life.i have so much anger inside that i take it out on famliy makes me sick to the point were i wanna run and my mom constantly fight she puts her bf before me it feels like it .she makes me feel like shit,and when im hurting inside she doesn't care she just messes with me which leaves to mom doesn't tell the whole story she leaves parts out to make me sound like the bad one.i bet my family doesn't even know i tear my hair out ,and cry everytime i go to sleep.people say im a brat but really im not im hurting inside and they don't even realize.i told my friends whoo i thought were my friends and all i got was a stare an nothing else,but when it comes to my friends and family gtting hurt they come to me.what about my problems all i get is a damn i asked if i can live somewere else and guess what my mom said alexia shut up nobodys gonna take you in.way to make me feel mom thanks i feel so much better when reallly all i wanna say is fuck you.i rather live in a mental hospital then live on earth better yet i rather go staright to hell an be there cause it seems like im already in it .one day something realll bad gonna happen to me and people are just not going to care i can see it now smh thanks i hope you know i cutted again after i promised i wouldn't :/

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  1. troubledboy 9 years ago

    There is always going to be people in your life that are going to try and cut you down anyway they can. The best thing to do is to find someone to talk to and get those feelings out. Hopefully you will find someone like that here on DT. I know it has helped me out quite a few times. It can be a good place to just come and rant whenever you need to. Stay strong and everything will turn out okay in the end. 🙂

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