This is just a update

I got jumped about 30 times from the last time I updated, and we got into another rumble (gang fight). Luckily is wasn’t so bad, but were pretty banged up. It was out of nowhere so we couldn’t do our usual prep. But, they won this time.

Some of us were just walking and running in the night. When all of a suddenly 3 cars pulled up and we immediately knew it was going to be bad. We were out numbered,  15 to 5. We all had our switch-blades and they did too. We fought, I got a bad slash on my leg and possible a concussion. There were too many and we couldn’t hold them off. 2 of us ran and 3 of us couldn’t go anywhere since we were surrounded. For some reason they let us go but they could have hurt us some more.

but thats that. the 3 of us who stayed walked/limped over to the main house, where most of us are. The other 2 who ran meet us at the house and checked on us.

That night I sleeped there cause I didn’t want my parents to ask what happened, like they would care.  My brother how ever knew something happened and meet me at the house and that was ok. I did get stitches but we didn’t go to the hospital, we clean up after ourselves so the authorities or nurses don’t ask to many questions.

So thats that for now.


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