Can this really be heaven?          

The garden I’ve waited to come to

All the pain I went through

And now this is where I’ve come

To a silent stop

Without a question

It’s worth the bullet I took

And all the strength to put me away

I can be free in a place where selfishness and selflessness

Become a newborn spirit

I’m finally here

And I’m going to run as far as I can

From where I’ve been hiding all along

I’m going to pick myself up

From where I shattered

I’ll finally be able to see what the world blinded me against

I’m going to fall now

And sleep away

The ones I love will question my love for life

The blood that escapes the narrow path to my heart

But only I will realise that it lets my soul seep through the prison bars

And rise to the sky where angels go

I can see all the shades of colour

The ones painted across the sky

Above all the dark clouds, the evil in the world

This is my garden

And I will not question what wrong or right I have done

To let the misery finally sleep


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  1. BPD 12 years ago

    Thanks … that sums up life with depression, I hate waking up in the morning at the moment xx Take Care and Dream beautiful

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