My knee has been playing up alot recently.

I’m not sure if have wrote about it, so I think I might again now. Mostly cause i’m bored.

In 2001 (I think) while I was working at KFC, while stocking the fridges, I dislocated my right kneecap. It was on the side of my knee, and the ambulance officers had to put it back into place. After about 4/5 months, lots of physiotherapy and being on crutches, I returnd to work. I was lucky I did it at work as I got workers compensation during that period.

After about a year, while at KFC again, I did it again. Another 4/5 months of rehab, braces, crutches and pain. This time when I fell I also injured my elbow, which required surgery.

They later decided that they wanted to give me a minor surgery on my knee, to hopefully prevent it happening again. This surgery, an "arthroscope" in which they put a camera in my knee and have a close look. From this they told me that the ligaments holding my kneecap in place are very stretched leaving my kneecap very unstable.. As I had only dislocated it twice, they weren’t going to do anything more but a lateral Release, which is meant to help the kneecap to stay in place.

Well since then, my kneecap has decided that It doesn’t want to stay in place, constantly dislocating, or "catching" on the knee joint. Every month it happens 3/4 times. Leaving me in alot of pain, constant swelling in my knee. I used to go to the hosptial the first 4 times, and after that, Knowing that there is nothing that they can do, I gove up on going. Just rest it for a while and It’ll be ok in a few days. It usually leaves me on the floor with a kneecap not in the right place. A good push usually gets it back into place.

The thing is, it has happened so many times, and the ligaments are now soo stretched that it doesn’t hurt that much when it actually dislocates. Yes it hurts a little, but nothing that a few over the counter pain killers doesn’t ease. This isn’t a good thing. Yes the lack of pain is good, but having ligaments that are this stretched is not good. I can actually push my kneecap almost all the way to the side of my knee without pain, and very easily. Neat party trick if you want to make people feel sick.

So thats the background. Now I have a constant ache in my knee, and some days its worse than others. As I said at the start, it has been getting worse. Almost weekly i’m on the ground at one point with my kneecap having dislocated. I think I need to go back to the drs and see if they are going to do something about it. I know it will result in xrays being done, which show not alot, basically that the kneecap doesn’t sit in the right spot. Then a referall to the orthopeadic clinic a the hospital. I know this would sound wierd, but I would really like to have surgery to correct this issue. I’m sick of the pain, the falling over all the time. They must be able to do something for me.




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