Yesterday boyfriend (now my ex I guess) called returning from a conference. Things have been up and down but yesterday he was just blunt naming things (he could only pull two things out even though he kept saying it was a lot of things) he doesn't like about me. He attacked how I dressed even down to my shoes saying I'm too young to be in "granny" stuff all the time. Why would I dress up just sit at his house to watch cartoons or Sanford and Son since we rarely went out except to grab a bite to eat? I pointed out on the shoes that I only wore sandals or tennis shoes when I visited. So he sounded stupid when he backed off that one which was stupid to begin with. I guess what angers me is Tuesday he called saying one of his adult daughter out of gas and he called me since he figured I was closer to her location to deal with it. He was leaving work but justified his rationale saying he wasn't going to drive the distance to her and then drive further to get home. Dealing with it as he put me driving further to get back home. You know how people let an animal hang around and then when the animal is not wanted or needed anymore, you throw stones or sticks until it leaves? That is kind of how I feel not calling myself an animal. It is for the best in the long run and I can be a friend from a distance and one that will not continue to deal with his selfishness. It still burns and makes dealing with everything else right now hard. I just had to release this somewhere as I have few people in my life to open up to.


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