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for Annoyed.

Okay, so I am not sure why I even tell my mother anything. I should, by now, be used to her holding my dreams in one hand, taking a massive dump then wiping her enlarged elderly arse with them. It’s one of those situations where everything I do is wrong, even if I agree with her she changes her mind and tells me what an idiot I am. Her latest complaint is about my financial situation. I don’t make near enough money for her to be happy and she doesn’t like that I collect disability for my kids that are disabled. To her that is me taking government hand outs instead of getting a job and paying my bills with my hard earned cash. So, I call her today and ask her if she can watch my kids because I have a job interview on Friday for a position that, if I were hired, would pay $400.00 a week.

Her response to this was who was going to watch the kids? I told her with that kind of money I could easily afford day care for them. Well, that didn’t go over very well because she complained that I would just dump my kids off in day care, with strangers, instead of taking care of them myself. She told me that I would never see my kids anymore, I would be working all the time and that the kids would suffer because of this. I don’t understand her logic because the kids are in school all day during the fall and winter, why would this be any different. Then she wanted to know, how I was going to take them to their doctor appointments? I told her that I would schedule those appointments around my days off or ask to take a few hours off to take them. No, that won’t work because I would probably get fired, then I wouldn’t have any money coming in, it would be too hard to get back on the disability after that and food stamps and everything else. Then she asks me why I want to work anyway, wasn’t the point of getting on disability so that I could stay home and take care of the kids myself? Well, yeah that is a valid point but then I have to listen to her complain about me not having a job and constantly worrying that I can’t pay my bills, which I can. None of my bills are behind, the kids have clothes and food and we are doing very well yet my mother still worries about me being able to support my kids on what I get each month. My sister and her daughter are always borrowing money off my mother and for some off reason I am the one that gets bitched at for this. She always gets upset and says that she wishes her kids could just be self sufficient and take care of themselves and not expect her to pay all their bills anymore. I’m like hey, all I did was ask you to baby sit my kids! Why am I suddenly a big fat loser, I didn’t even ask for money, hell I even offered to pay her to watch them! I think, and this is my interpretation, but in my mother’s mind, this is what she hears.

Me- “Hey mom can you babysit the kids so I can go to a Job interview”

She hears- “Hey mom I can’t pay my bills and need a new job, give me money.”

Me- “Hey mom, I just found this cute little swimming suit for my daughter, she really needed a new one for summer so I bought it for her.”

She Hears- “Give me money for this swim suit.”

Me- “Hi Mom I really love you.”

She Hears- “Hi Mom I really love you, give me money.”

Apparently, it’s a no win situation.

She did however tell me that I have a good talent for writing, and she would love to see me get a job where I could be paid for my stories then I could work from home.

That would be ideal, but I need something to supplement my income in the mean time so that means, either disability or a job. Neither of which seem to please her so I guess she won’t be happy until I’m a famous author and then she will just complain that all I write or horror stories.

Oh well, I’m off to write a really good story about a boy that poisons his mother, wait that’s already been done, and I’m not that much of a psycho anyway lol.

  1. swans 8 years ago

     i' got rid of everyone in my life that made me sad, unhappy. Best thing i ever did. Even my sister.


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  2. BaleFire 8 years ago

    Thanks for the comments 🙂  Yeah my mom can be a bit strange but she has some good qualities, I'm sure of it, at least one lol. 

    I kind of just let her do her thing and let her yap away at me about what ever then I walk away and ignore most of it.  Give her an hour and she forgets what we were talking about anyway lol.

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