Welcome! You have entered [The Lounge] at 9:48 pm
[] 9:48 pm: i'm really sorry. i know how hard it is out there
[] 9:48 pm: hey rai
[] 9:49 pm: Shadow, Shadow and silence, ?
[] 9:49 pm: lol
[] 9:49 pm: Hey bummer how is you ?
[shadowghost] 9:49 pm: hi jen
[] 9:49 pm: wb shadow πŸ™‚
[] 9:49 pm: Tired out, but good. You look a little bit better
[] 9:49 pm: just got into a fight with the hubby
[shadowghost] 9:49 pm: thanks simi
[] 9:49 pm: Hi to everyone I did not yet get too, Im low today
[] 9:50 pm: (((shadow)))
[shadowghost] 9:50 pm: gf kinda reminded something that i feel bad about eventhough i shouldnt
[] 9:50 pm: ((( shadow )))))))))))
[shadowghost] 9:50 pm: -hugs jen-
[] 9:50 pm: no, Im falling apart just metalling like a spounge
[] 9:50 pm: hi shadow
[shadowghost] 9:50 pm: -hugs simi-
[shadowghost] 9:50 pm: hi sammy
[] 9:50 pm: ty rai
[] 9:50 pm: Hi Sammy..;)
[] 9:50 pm: i'm not doing skype any more. he's paranoid i'm going to flirt
[shadowghost] 9:50 pm: hey shadow how are you doing?
[shadowghost] 9:51 pm: i can imagine jen
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[] 9:51 pm: what's wrong shadow
[] 9:51 pm: Who's paranoid?
[] 9:51 pm: the husband
[] 9:51 pm: Well, you're more lucid than the last time I saw you. Take the wins you can get
[shadowghost] 9:51 pm: well use skype only when u need to get help on something that u feel u need to use the cam for like that computer problem u have or a config issue u may have with your laptop
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[] 9:52 pm: ok
[] 9:52 pm: oops wrong button
[] 9:52 pm: Im, doing very badly right now, looking for a place to live and work, right now have nothing to give my sin for his birthday this weekenmd it might rain out for him pour little gut, I miss my other son. I miss having a steady life period, Ready to cry honestly right
[] 9:52 pm: [email protected]
[] 9:52 pm: hi simi
[] 9:52 pm: now
[] 9:52 pm: Simster :java:
[] 9:52 pm: wb simI!
[shadowghost] 9:52 pm: if needs be jen have him watch and listen if it makes him any better
[] 9:52 pm: i was lucid last time, i just always look tired for some reason
[] 9:52 pm: u me too shadow
[] 9:52 pm: its very discouraging
[] 9:53 pm: nah, i uninstalled it
[shadowghost] 9:53 pm: no point in getting him paranoid over something simple thats non flirtatcious like that
[] 9:53 pm: we have enough problems
[] 9:53 pm: I changed all my passwords username and connection today still working on it
[shadowghost] 9:53 pm: i know jen sorry i keep talking about it
[] 9:53 pm: Give your son your time and present him later. Crying's not such a bad thing to do if you need it. (Don't tell anyone I said that though, might lose my butch card)
[] 9:53 pm: he's been cheated on before
[] 9:53 pm: No jealouness here Im numb
[] 9:54 pm: Meant shadow is more lucid than last time I saw him jen
[] 9:54 pm: lol
[] 9:54 pm: ah, ok. lol
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[shadowghost] 9:54 pm: lucid?
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[The Lounge]: cgf has entered at 9:54 pm
[] 9:54 pm: hey cgf
[cgf] 9:54 pm: πŸ™‚ Hey gang!
[cgf] 9:55 pm: hey jen πŸ™‚
[] 9:55 pm: hey cgf
[shadowghost] 9:55 pm: bummer u ever get appraised for something and end up feeling so guilty about it u want to go jump in front the car or get injured
[] 9:55 pm: how are you?
[shadowghost] 9:55 pm: hi cgf
[] 9:55 pm: Heya cgf
[] 9:55 pm: Appraised?
[cgf] 9:55 pm: ((((((((shadowghost))))))))):rose:
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[cgf] 9:55 pm: hey bummer:java:
[shadowghost] 9:56 pm: yes bummer
[shadowghost] 9:56 pm: as in told u are very nice or strong or kind etc
[] 9:56 pm: I don't get it
[cgf] 9:56 pm: shadowghost, how have you been?
[] 9:56 pm: Oh, praised.
[] 9:56 pm: Why do you feel guilty about it?
[] 9:56 pm: i feel like jump off a bridge into on coming traffic right now
[] 9:56 pm: hi cgf
[shadowghost] 9:56 pm: i feel meh cgf
[cgf] 9:57 pm: hey sammy πŸ™‚
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[shadowghost] 9:57 pm: i just do i dont know why
[cgf] 9:57 pm: hey b&b
[] 9:57 pm: No suicide talk in here shadow, you know that
[] 9:57 pm: cgf :kiss:
[cgf] 9:57 pm: hey sigh:kiss:
[shadowghost] 9:57 pm: its not their fault. n no im not talking about that im just describing that mind thought feeling you get
[] 9:57 pm: hi cgf:kiss:
[] 9:58 pm: k, knows better.
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[The Lounge]: brokenandbreathing has entered at 9:58 pm
[cgf] 9:58 pm: hey sky :kiss:
[] 9:58 pm: Cheers shadowbud :java:
[] 9:58 pm: Hi (((cgf))))
[cgf] 9:58 pm: hey ((((jamie))))
[] 9:58 pm: Hi sammy!
[shadowghost] 9:58 pm: afk i need to get something to eat quickly
[] 9:58 pm: :java: kinda still warm but cookies with it !
[] 9:58 pm: jamie:kiss:
[] 9:58 pm: I do feel sometimes that folks are praising me for nothing….which makes me uncomfortable. I wouldn't describe it as guilt for me though
[shadowghost] 9:58 pm: not had dinner yet
[shadowghost] 9:59 pm: to me it feels like guilt bummer
[] 9:59 pm: Bummer your the bestest, you've inspired and helped me before, I'v onluy let myself down
[] 9:59 pm: jen:kiss:
[cgf] 10:00 pm: maybe someone is just verbalizing a quality they see in you…
[] 10:00 pm: I range from "Are the things I do so low par that you have to praise me for THAT?" through "You clearly don't understand how easy that was" to "Don't patronize me please"
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[] 10:00 pm: how is your day jamie?
[] 10:00 pm: You're a good guy shadow, you've just got one heck of a fight
[cgf] 10:00 pm: lol bummer:)
[] 10:00 pm: cgf πŸ˜€
[] 10:01 pm: it is good, honey. Did a bunch of stuff today, now I am resting, boys started school yesterday!! Woo HOO!!
[cgf] 10:01 pm: bummer:D
[] 10:01 pm: School already?
[] 10:01 pm: nice πŸ™‚ school starts again here in a month
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[cgf] 10:02 pm: fall is on it's way! πŸ™‚
[] 10:02 pm: yes…can you believe? and they got out May 28thish???
[] 10:02 pm: shhhh cgf
[] 10:02 pm: Ohh, they got out on the early side too
[cgf] 10:02 pm: ok πŸ™‚
[] 10:02 pm: One heck of a fight, good way to describe my path right now.
[] 10:02 pm: sticks fingers in ears going 'lalalallalalalala' I do not hear anything about summer ending
[] 10:03 pm: yeah, too early to talk about thanksgiving and Christmas…freak out!
[] 10:03 pm: Just stay in the ring man, you don't have to win every round
[cgf] 10:03 pm: "sweet!" πŸ™‚ lalalalala
[cgf] 10:03 pm: nice bummer! πŸ™‚
[] 10:05 pm: I just got out of eye surgery my right eye is still healing and blurry as all heck, but dispite a patched eye and constant nauesea I managed to move my things out to my familys and paint half my m ountain bike, manage my bills and manage all my account and change all my paswors and be on here so
[] 10:05 pm: Sorry I'm really hyper right now
[] 10:05 pm: lmfao:
[] 10:06 pm: That comic's for midman :p
[cgf] 10:06 pm: Sounds like you have accomplished a lot Shadow
[] 10:06 pm: that's really good shadow
[] 10:06 pm: JHC shadow. I have all my parts more or less functioning and haven't done nearly that much
[] 10:07 pm: "Step in the ring Bleep, Bleep, Get in the ring Bleep, Bleep and I'll kick your Bleep ass" Guns-N-Roses – Get in The Ring :music:
[cgf] 10:07 pm: :music:
[] 10:08 pm: lol
[cgf] 10:08 pm: lol
[] 10:08 pm: Just listened to that album have it on my laptop, Use Your Illusion I & II
[cgf] 10:08 pm: Good music Shadow….!!!!
[] 10:09 pm: Yeah I was stuck in the 80's and 90's ballards and soundtracks music the other day, needed a change from the hard core metal I'm used to.
[cgf] 10:10 pm: bought a new butterfly ring the other day….beautiful gems everywhere….it's my fav. now
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[] 10:12 pm: which gems cgf?
[cgf] 10:12 pm: i love my rings…wearing three today…one has a real emerald in it….it is beautiful
[cgf] 10:12 pm: rubys
[] 10:13 pm: ah, nice
[The Lounge]: lonelyone56 has entered at 10:13 pm
[cgf] 10:13 pm: diamonds:p
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[cgf] 10:13 pm: hey lonelyone
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[The Lounge]: lonelyone56 has entered at 10:14 pm
[lonelyone56] 10:14 pm: hello folks
[] 10:15 pm: Glad it pleases you cgf :yeah:
[] 10:15 pm: Heya lonely
[] 10:15 pm: hi lonely
[lonelyone56] 10:15 pm: hey bummer
[lonelyone56] 10:15 pm: hey jen
[] 10:15 pm: how are you?
[cgf] 10:15 pm: it does bummer……
[lonelyone56] 10:16 pm: iam good glad iam home from work
[] 10:16 pm: long day?
[lonelyone56] 10:17 pm: it was a short day for as i left early
[] 10:17 pm: omg sorry! forgot to log off :red:
[] 10:17 pm: Well, i'm logging off now – take care you lot!
[] 10:17 pm: ah, ok
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[cgf] 10:18 pm: and i got my nails done….clear with silver glitter tips….and toe-nails dark purple with silver glitter…..ahhhhhhh…..:)
[] 10:18 pm: that sounds awesome πŸ™‚
[] 10:19 pm: my hair is coming in white and i'm undecided as to whether to dye it
[cgf] 10:21 pm: yes jen…feels good….
[cgf] 10:21 pm: πŸ™‚
[shadowghost] 10:21 pm: back
[The Lounge]: cgf has left at 10:22 pm
[] 10:23 pm: wb rai
[shadowghost] 10:23 pm: thanks
[] 10:23 pm: I was thinking about having that exact same thing done to my nails
[shadowghost] 10:23 pm: still feel guilty as hell about everything so i might just be a bit quiet
[] 10:24 pm: lmao bummer
[] 10:24 pm: :no:
[] 10:25 pm: Lol, you found it
[] 10:25 pm: πŸ˜€
[] 10:25 pm: bbiab
[] 10:26 pm: :java: Bored
[] 10:26 pm: Bored trapped exited and ready to cry all at the same to need major overhaul in my life
[] 10:29 pm: Bye people gonna go for now prob be back later
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[] 10:30 pm: wb broken
[brokenandbreathing] 10:30 pm: ty jen
[] 10:30 pm: yw πŸ™‚
[] 10:31 pm: how's it going?
[The Lounge]: lonelyone56 has left at 10:31 pm
[brokenandbreathing] 10:32 pm: just got some horrible news so not good atm
[] 10:32 pm: oh no. what happened?
[The Lounge]: has left at 10:32 pm
[brokenandbreathing] 10:32 pm: my best bud ended his lif
[brokenandbreathing] 10:32 pm: life
[] 10:33 pm: omg. i'm so very sorry
[] 10:33 pm: we can talk about it if you want
[] 10:33 pm: my uncle just did that last year
[] 10:34 pm: did anyone know your friend was depressed?
[brokenandbreathing] 10:34 pm: im just crushed i got the news via letter left for me
[] 10:34 pm: that's so sad
[The Lounge]: has left at 10:34 pm
[brokenandbreathing] 10:35 pm: its heart breaking
[] 10:35 pm: it is
[shadowghost] 10:35 pm: I created room "sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed"
Welcome! You have entered [sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed] at 10:35 pm
[->shadowghost] 10:35 pm: hey rai πŸ™‚
[brokenandbreathing] 10:35 pm: come to the dark side shadow
[shadowghost->] 10:36 pm: hey
[] 10:36 pm: did your friend explain why?
[->shadowghost] 10:36 pm: how are things?
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: cgf has left at 10:36 pm
[brokenandbreathing] 10:36 pm: no all he said was he loved me and he was soory and would wait for me on the other side
[] 10:36 pm: wb cgf
[] 10:37 pm: ((((((hugs)))))))
[] 10:37 pm: wb cgf:kiss:
[shadowghost->] 10:37 pm: idk …i really dont …
[brokenandbreathing] 10:37 pm: i have been trying to get him to join dt but its to late now
[] 10:37 pm: butterfly :kiss:
[brokenandbreathing] 10:37 pm: ((((((((((((((((butters))))))))))))))
[shadowghost->] 10:37 pm: its like as if i took someone's life for the wrong reason
[sadbutterfly] 10:37 pm: Hi jen :kiss:
[] 10:37 pm: there's only so much you can do
[sadbutterfly] 10:37 pm: Hi B :kiss:
[->shadowghost] 10:38 pm: feeling depressed?
[brokenandbreathing] 10:38 pm: he was supposed to be hear ;ast night but didnt come i should have known something was wrong
[] 10:38 pm: it's not your fault
[shadowghost->] 10:39 pm: yh
[brokenandbreathing] 10:39 pm: i still feel respnsible in a way i wasnt their for him when he needed me ans i wont get the chance now
[] 10:39 pm: you can't predict things like that all the time
[brokenandbreathing] 10:39 pm: i wish i could
[brokenandbreathing] 10:40 pm: things we be dif now
[] 10:40 pm: i know it's hard. my mom feels guilty because she had a gut feeling and didn't tell anyone
[] 10:40 pm: hey meow
[meow] 10:40 pm: hi jen!
[->shadowghost] 10:40 pm: having an off day?
[brokenandbreathing] 10:40 pm: yeah
[cgf] 10:40 pm: hey everybody hey meow….
[cgf] 10:41 pm: and jen
[meow] 10:41 pm: hi cgf!
[] 10:41 pm: meow:cat:
[meow] 10:41 pm: :cat:
[cgf] 10:41 pm: and any and all i missed
[meow] 10:41 pm: ohhhh i ate too much for my little belly
[brokenandbreathing] 10:41 pm: hey cgf
[] 10:41 pm: lol. what did you eat?
[sadbutterfly] 10:42 pm: hi cgf :kiss:
[shadowghost->] 10:42 pm: i shouldnt be having an off day because i did cheer someone up and helped pp the best i can but just everything feels like i want to cut or drink it away etc
[] 10:42 pm: p-0000000000000000000002wqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqolp;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;edddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddc vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv23 qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq33333333333333bbbbb
[meow] 10:42 pm: i ate a whole pizza cuz i was feeling grumpy :no:
[] 10:42 pm: lool. cat on keyboard
[] 10:43 pm: ah, i know how that goes
[cgf] 10:43 pm: hey b&b
[sadbutterfly] 10:43 pm: lol jen
[->shadowghost] 10:43 pm: depression really sucks. so does not having family support
[meow] 10:44 pm: now im making french toast :no:
[meow] 10:44 pm: why am i soooo hungry ahhh
[cgf] 10:44 pm: yummmm
[] 10:44 pm: i'm hungry all the time. lol
[sadbutterfly] 10:44 pm: its your meds
[] 10:44 pm: could it be a med you're on?
[shadowghost->] 10:44 pm: i dont have familt support and noone quite understands me
[sadbutterfly] 10:45 pm: they are changing mine because I should not put weight on
[->shadowghost] 10:45 pm: i have support to an extent but i mostly talk to kelly or you
[meow] 10:45 pm: i dont have meds
[] 10:46 pm: i packed on weight on seroquel
[meow] 10:46 pm: i do need weight ive dropped a lot im unhealthy looking
[] 10:46 pm: 3eeeeeeeeeee[=]]]]]]]23'[]
[shadowghost->] 10:46 pm: mmm but im like the flakest person anyone can rely on
[sadbutterfly] 10:47 pm: cat again?
[meow] 10:47 pm: hi darkpassenger
[DarkPassenger] 10:47 pm: hi meow
[sadbutterfly] 10:47 pm: Hi DP my friend
[] 10:47 pm: =———- nmmmm-asz,……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
[DarkPassenger] 10:47 pm: hi butterfly
[sadbutterfly] 10:48 pm: ok no more cat typing get it off please
[DarkPassenger] 10:49 pm: hi Sasha
[meow] 10:49 pm: hi sasha
[Sasha1969] 10:49 pm: Hello Dark
[Sasha1969] 10:49 pm: hello meow
[sadbutterfly] 10:50 pm: hi sasha :kiss:
[Sasha1969] 10:50 pm: Awww butters:kiss:
[->shadowghost] 10:50 pm: you're easy to talk to
[] 10:50 pm: hey dp πŸ™‚
[] 10:50 pm: hey sasha πŸ™‚
[DarkPassenger] 10:50 pm: hey jen
[] 10:50 pm: how are you?
[Sasha1969] 10:50 pm: hey Jen:)
[DarkPassenger] 10:51 pm: been better. you?
[] 10:51 pm: πŸ™‚
[] 10:51 pm: eh. ok. kind of stressed
[] 10:51 pm: what's going on at your end?
[DarkPassenger] 10:52 pm: just another crappy day
[] 10:52 pm: ah, i have those too
[DarkPassenger] 10:53 pm: nervous about tomorrow
[] 10:53 pm: what happens tomorrow?
[DarkPassenger] 10:53 pm: i see a new psychiatrist
[] 10:53 pm: oh, ok. that can be nerve wracking
[sadbutterfly] 10:54 pm: well I just popped in for a few minutes going to go now see you all later Xs
[] 10:54 pm: what happened with the old one?
[DarkPassenger] 10:54 pm: the last one was a waste of time
[Sasha1969] 10:54 pm: tc butters
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: sadbutterfly has left at 10:54 pm
[] 10:54 pm: tc butterfly :kiss:
[DarkPassenger] 10:54 pm: bye butterfly
[shadowghost->] 10:54 pm: im glad i am when im stable
[] 10:54 pm: i hate mine
[->shadowghost] 10:55 pm: it sucks here without moon πŸ™
[DarkPassenger] 10:55 pm: with my last one, it was like she did everything she could to get me out of the door as fast as possible
[->shadowghost] 10:55 pm: but i'm talking to new people
[] 10:56 pm: yup. i know the feeling. mine never updates my file and any time i'm depressed i have to suggest what to do
[meow] 10:56 pm: hi love!
[] 10:56 pm: he's given up on me . says i'm treatment resistant
[shadowghost->] 10:56 pm: i know u do.
[meow] 10:56 pm: mmm french toast is done πŸ˜€
[] 10:56 pm: hey mike :kiss:
[Love_Shines] 10:56 pm: Hello.
[meow] 10:57 pm: treatment resistant?
[DarkPassenger] 10:57 pm: yummy french toast
[brokenandbreathing] 10:57 pm: hey shines
[Love_Shines] 10:57 pm: Dentist appointment went well, no cavities. Woot.
[] 10:57 pm: meds generally don't work on me
[Sasha1969] 10:57 pm: woohoo Mike!
[] 10:57 pm: nice mike!
[] 10:57 pm: i want french toast too! lol
[meow] 10:57 pm: meds always make me feel worse
[meow] 10:58 pm: id make you some if i could jen πŸ˜‰
[->shadowghost] 10:58 pm: i'm so stressed about jake coming home
[brokenandbreathing] 10:58 pm: meds r keeping me here atm
[] 10:58 pm: ty meow πŸ™‚
[Sasha1969] 10:58 pm: Me too broken
[DarkPassenger] 10:58 pm: meds are keeping me here too breathing
[brokenandbreathing] 10:59 pm: and lots of em sorry to hear sasha u ok?
[Sasha1969] 10:59 pm: eh, I've had better days but who hasnt
[shadowghost->] 10:59 pm: i wish i could allieviate your pains jen
[brokenandbreathing] 10:59 pm: hope ya feel better luv
[Sasha1969] 11:00 pm: I will, thats one thing that is consistent..modds change
[Sasha1969] 11:00 pm: moods
[Love_Shines] 11:00 pm: I've seen better days :music:
[brokenandbreathing] 11:00 pm: this i one day i never want to repeat as long as live
[Sasha1969] 11:01 pm: when I have days like that(and I have recently) I ask myself if I have learned anything from it
[brokenandbreathing] 11:01 pm: thats true sasha like a roller coaster they go up and down
[Love_Shines] 11:01 pm:
[brokenandbreathing] 11:01 pm: there is nothing to be learned its too late for that
[Sasha1969] 11:02 pm: There is ALWAYS somehing to be learned
[Love_Shines] 11:02 pm: Yes.
[Love_Shines] 11:02 pm: Doesn't make the day suck less though lol.
[Sasha1969] 11:02 pm: nope
[brokenandbreathing] 11:02 pm: idk with this one my buddy ended his life this morn
[Sasha1969] 11:02 pm: good tune mike
[->shadowghost] 11:02 pm: i know rai
[Sasha1969] 11:02 pm: not for the lounge hon
[brokenandbreathing] 11:03 pm: no prob
[brokenandbreathing] 11:03 pm: back to skype
[Love_Shines] 11:03 pm: At least you try and recognize that, lots of people don't even acknowledge or learn from things like that.
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: brokenandbreathing has left at 11:03 pm
[] 11:03 pm: we can talk in pm
[->shadowghost] 11:03 pm: they just chased broken out
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: has left at 11:03 pm
[Sasha1969] 11:04 pm: wb broken
[meow] 11:04 pm: wb broken
[] 11:04 pm: wb broken. we can pm if you want
[Sasha1969] 11:04 pm: Hello robert
[meow] 11:04 pm: hi robert
[] 11:04 pm: ((((rob))))) missed ya
[Robert_Faustus] 11:05 pm: Hello Sasha
[] 11:05 pm: B &
[Robert_Faustus] 11:05 pm: hi meow
[] 11:05 pm: B
[] 11:05 pm: ((((galee))))
[Robert_Faustus] 11:06 pm: hi (((jen)))
[] 11:06 pm: ((((((((jen))))))))))):kiss:
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: Love_Shines has left at 11:06 pm
[] 11:06 pm: wb mike
[shadowghost->] 11:06 pm: will babs be ok but then again i cant help her if im like the way i am
[Sasha1969] 11:06 pm: wb Mike
[shadowghost->] 11:07 pm: like a half dead dog trying to jump into the stormy sea to save another….
[->shadowghost] 11:07 pm: brokenandbreathing?
[Love_Shines] 11:07 pm: Computer froze on me :weird:
[shadowghost->] 11:07 pm: yes
[Robert_Faustus] 11:07 pm: hello (((sky)))
[Sasha1969] 11:07 pm: grrrr
[->shadowghost] 11:08 pm: we talked for a little. she'll be ok
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: brokenandbreathing has left at 11:08 pm
[shadowghost->] 11:09 pm: ok
[Sasha1969] 11:09 pm: hey mid
[midevil] 11:10 pm: hey :java:
[midevil] 11:10 pm: what's shakin?
[midevil] 11:10 pm: other than my moobs
[Sasha1969] 11:10 pm: lol
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:10 pm: hi mid
[Sasha1969] 11:10 pm: just finished watching a very bad flick
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: midevil has left at 11:10 pm
[midevil] 11:11 pm: okie dokie
[heartbroken_breaker->shadowghost] 11:11 pm: u ok?
[Sasha1969] 11:11 pm: lol
[meow] 11:11 pm: hey mid :cat: shake those moobs over heere πŸ˜‰
[->shadowghost] 11:11 pm: i don't see why they stopped her from talking about her loss
[midevil] 11:11 pm: you betchya hot stuff
[meow] 11:12 pm: oh my so flattering :red:
[midevil] 11:14 pm: big FB fight lol
[shadowghost->heartbroken_breaker] 11:14 pm: in a spot where i dont know if i deserve the right to exist yet i have to
[Sasha1969] 11:14 pm: oh dear
[midevil] 11:14 pm: someone posted a pic of 2 babies with beer bottles with the caption "Meanwhile in Scotland"
[midevil] 11:14 pm: now England, Ireland and Scotland are FB fighting
[Sasha1969] 11:14 pm: oh geez
[midevil] 11:14 pm: lol
[heartbroken_breaker->shadowghost] 11:14 pm: awwww hugs
[midevil] 11:15 pm: i commented asking them to do one for Canada just as funny
[heartbroken_breaker->shadowghost] 11:15 pm: I know there are ppl out there that want u around
[shadowghost->] 11:15 pm: usually its cos of triggers
[->shadowghost] 11:15 pm: ah, i see
[Sasha1969] 11:15 pm: Have you now brought Canada into the fight?
[shadowghost->] 11:15 pm: esp if its mods who tell them to rant it elsewhere
[midevil] 11:15 pm: no…i want a good "Meanwhile in Canada" laugh
[Sasha1969] 11:16 pm: lol
[Sasha1969] 11:16 pm: good
[Sasha1969] 11:16 pm: wb broken
[->shadowghost] 11:16 pm: yeah i'm not crazy about sasha
[brokenandbreathing] 11:16 pm: hey
[shadowghost->] 11:17 pm: mmm she even critted about my talking about grammar nazi
[shadowghost->] 11:17 pm: literally picking on one word not looking at the entire context
[shadowghost->] 11:17 pm: everyone who speaks english well knows what a grammar nazi is
[->shadowghost] 11:17 pm: yeah that's very nitpicky
[shadowghost->] 11:18 pm: precisely
[midevil] 11:19 pm: all i hear about is Canadian womens soccer
[DarkPassenger] 11:19 pm:
[midevil] 11:19 pm: don't they realize once south america, mexico, italy, korea, spain, england and ireland take womens soccer seriously? Canada will place 10th at best
[->shadowghost] 11:20 pm: mid and i never talk either
[Sasha1969] 11:20 pm: Who is they?
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: Love_Shines has left at 11:20 pm
[->shadowghost] 11:21 pm: is everyone still skyping?
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:21 pm: 5 mods in here wow lol
[Sasha1969] 11:21 pm: scary eh?
[brokenandbreathing] 11:21 pm: hey heart broken
[] 11:21 pm: lol. everyone else is skyping
[] 11:22 pm: hey heart broken
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:22 pm: lol Sasha Not really lol
[DarkPassenger] 11:22 pm:
[Sasha1969] 11:22 pm: lol
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:22 pm: hi Broken
[Sasha1969] 11:22 pm: good
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:22 pm: Hi jen
[] 11:22 pm: how are you?
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:22 pm: Should I be scared? lol jk
[Sasha1969] 11:22 pm: nawwww
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:22 pm: Jen not to fantastic but oh well
[Sasha1969] 11:23 pm: not yet. lol
[DarkPassenger] 11:23 pm: 5 mods is an everyday occurence now
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:23 pm: Heyyyyyyyyyy
[] 11:23 pm: I'll take mine off
[] 11:24 pm: (((heart)))) you can pmme if you want
[brokenandbreathing] 11:24 pm: lol galleeee u rule
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:24 pm: lol Galee ur still gonna be a mod even if u take urs off lol I have no prob with 5 mods in here Im Just Saying
[] 11:24 pm: :up:
[midevil] 11:24 pm: LOL DP
[midevil] 11:24 pm: ya more of those
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:24 pm: Jen Its just family problems
[Robert_Faustus] 11:25 pm: Talk about the Polar Bear Club.
[DarkPassenger] 11:25 pm:
[] 11:25 pm: ah, ok. i know how that goes
[shadowghost->] 11:25 pm: idk im not in the skype call im not in any call just have me my little space in my head alone watching everything else in the world
[] 11:25 pm: i admire those guys
[->shadowghost] 11:26 pm: ah, ok
[midevil] 11:26 pm: lmaooooo a polar bear would have been funnier but that's a good one too
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:26 pm: yeah its getting harder and harder to br able to handle it
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:26 pm: Hi Luv
[Luvuholic] 11:27 pm: hey hbb
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:27 pm: πŸ™‚
[Luvuholic] 11:27 pm: woops. gtg. lol bbl
[DarkPassenger] 11:27 pm:
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:27 pm: lol ttyl
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: Luvuholic has left at 11:27 pm
[shadowghost->heartbroken_breaker] 11:27 pm: mmm
[brokenandbreathing] 11:28 pm: i love skype just sayin:biggrin:
[heartbroken_breaker->shadowghost] 11:28 pm: i'm kinda in the same situation where i dont wanna be around anymore
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:28 pm: No one ever talks to me on skype
[] 11:28 pm: skype is cool. i just get lost
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:28 pm: so I deleted all my contacts
[heartbroken_breaker->shadowghost] 11:29 pm: But I keep thinking about the ones who love me and want me around
[heartbroken_breaker->shadowghost] 11:29 pm: so that keeps me going
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: cgf has left at 11:29 pm
[brokenandbreathing] 11:29 pm: lost ? we always know where u r
[] 11:29 pm: hey wendy πŸ™‚
[brokenandbreathing] 11:29 pm: oppps u need r added heart/
[brokenandbreathing] 11:29 pm: ?
[wendyr] 11:29 pm: Hi jen
[] 11:29 pm: lol. i know. i just have a little social anxiety
[Robert_Faustus] 11:29 pm: (((wemdy))):kiss:
[brokenandbreathing] 11:30 pm: ahh ok i understand
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:30 pm: Hh Broken?
[brokenandbreathing] 11:30 pm: heya wendy
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:30 pm: Huh**
[wendyr] 11:30 pm: (((((((Robert))))))):heart:
[brokenandbreathing] 11:30 pm: u deleted ur contacts r ru refering to skype/
[brokenandbreathing] 11:30 pm: ?
[wendyr] 11:30 pm: bab hi
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:30 pm: yes
[DarkPassenger] 11:31 pm:
[brokenandbreathing] 11:31 pm: do u want a request sent so u can join?
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:31 pm: cuz ppl wouldnt talk to me on here lol
[Robert_Faustus] 11:31 pm: (((((Wendy))))):kiss::heart:
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:31 pm: lol sure
[Robert_Faustus] 11:31 pm: sorry about the typo
[->shadowghost] 11:31 pm: cat's being grouchy
[brokenandbreathing] 11:31 pm: cool one sec luv i will send u one
[brokenandbreathing] 11:31 pm: whats ur skype name?
[wendyr] 11:32 pm: Awww It's ok
[] 11:32 pm: grouchy cat
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:32 pm: Its Sunshinecutieluvmuffin
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:32 pm: Yes Long name I know LOL
[midevil] 11:32 pm: yep….our women Olympians hard at work at practice :up:
[brokenandbreathing] 11:33 pm: lol
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:33 pm: BRB
[wendyr] 11:34 pm: doing what Mid?
[midevil] 11:34 pm: what we do best
[midevil] 11:34 pm: hockey…in full gear or lingerie…doesn't matter
[shadowghost->] 11:34 pm: cat?
[Sasha1969] 11:34 pm: lol
[wendyr] 11:35 pm: what do you prefur?
[midevil] 11:35 pm: well
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:35 pm: Back
[shadowghost->heartbroken_breaker] 11:35 pm: i never had that before in my entire life
[->shadowghost] 11:35 pm: yeah. he hates his feet being touched
[midevil] 11:35 pm: full gear..unless i want to cold shower 5 times everygame
[] 11:35 pm: now has an image of mid playing hockey in lingerie to rinse out of brain. Who had the brain bleach last?
[brokenandbreathing] 11:35 pm: ok i sent u a request
[wendyr] 11:35 pm: OIC how you are
[shadowghost->] 11:35 pm: they are sensitive to emotions that are in the air
[brokenandbreathing] 11:36 pm: let me now when u get it and i will patch u
[midevil] 11:36 pm: human?
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:36 pm: I got it
[->shadowghost] 11:36 pm: they are. he's in pain too
[heartbroken_breaker->shadowghost] 11:36 pm: awww hugs
[->shadowghost] 11:36 pm: wouldn't take his meds this morning
[brokenandbreathing] 11:36 pm: ok one sec
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:36 pm: k
[shadowghost->] 11:36 pm: mmm
[->shadowghost] 11:37 pm: we'll try again in a little
[midevil] 11:38 pm:
[midevil] 11:38 pm: haha
[shadowghost->] 11:38 pm: mmmm
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:39 pm: vinyljunkie ! 10-4 budd!
[vinyljunkie] 11:39 pm: Hey tribal cranberrys πŸ™‚
[vinyljunkie] 11:39 pm: Everyone ok?
[] 11:40 pm: hey vj
[vinyljunkie] 11:40 pm: Hey breaker 1-9 good buddy
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:40 pm: πŸ™‚
[vinyljunkie] 11:40 pm: :mx:
[vinyljunkie] 11:41 pm: Don't tell me you are all on skype again? :faint:
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:41 pm: lol Yes Viny lol
[Sasha1969] 11:41 pm: hey vj, amd yes they are. lol
[vinyljunkie] 11:41 pm: New toy i guess lol
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:41 pm: LOL
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: wendyr has left at 11:42 pm
[vinyljunkie] 11:42 pm: wb wenders
[->shadowghost] 11:42 pm: matthew and i are talking about area 51
[wendyr] 11:43 pm: I am so stupid
[vinyljunkie] 11:43 pm: *bored……so kicks can around room*
[] 11:43 pm: lol vj
[] 11:43 pm: we were talking about area 51 at my house
[wendyr] 11:43 pm: can goes through window
[] 11:43 pm: hey kimke
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:44 pm: Wendy ur not stupid πŸ™‚
[vinyljunkie] 11:44 pm: oooh area 51 full of intrigue
[kimke] 11:44 pm: hi jen
[] 11:44 pm: lol. yup
[vinyljunkie] 11:44 pm: Hey kimke
[kimke] 11:44 pm: hiya vj
[vinyljunkie] 11:44 pm: Hey maccaroni
[joanieboni] 11:44 pm: Hey everyone
[] 11:44 pm: joanie :kiss:
[vinyljunkie] 11:44 pm: Hey cgf
[joanieboni] 11:44 pm: Hey VJ
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: heartbroken_breaker has left at 11:45 pm
[joanieboni] 11:45 pm: Hey
[] 11:45 pm: hi joani
[joanieboni] 11:45 pm: Jen
Hey heart

[] 11:45 pm: cgf:kiss:
[] 11:45 pm: e
hi cgf

[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: meow has left at 11:45 pm
[] 11:45 pm: hi vj
[joanieboni] 11:45 pm: Hey cgf
[cgf] 11:45 pm: hey vinyl πŸ™‚
[] 11:45 pm: hey heartbroken
[vinyljunkie] 11:45 pm: wb hb1-9
[wendyr] 11:45 pm: hi joanie
[cgf] 11:45 pm: jen :kiss:
[joanieboni] 11:45 pm: HI wendy
[wendyr] 11:45 pm: hey cgf
[cgf] 11:45 pm: hey joanie πŸ™‚
[vinyljunkie] 11:45 pm: ma ma maaaaaaaaaaaaaa muddy :yeah:
[wendyr] 11:46 pm: meow I'v missed you
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: heartbroken_breaker has left at 11:46 pm
[cgf] 11:46 pm: hey wendy πŸ™‚
[vinyljunkie] 11:46 pm: *hums tune to family guy* :yeah:
[cgf] 11:46 pm: wb meow:cat:
[vinyljunkie] 11:47 pm: dee dee dee dee doo doo……….laugh & πŸ˜₯
[] 11:47 pm: :cat:
[shadowghost->] 11:47 pm: matthew?
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: brokenandbreathing has entered at 11:48 pm
[vinyljunkie] 11:48 pm: Today the room is being brought to you by the letter B and the number 10!
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: brokenandbreathing has left at 11:48 pm
[vinyljunkie] 11:48 pm: 123456789……………………………..10
[vinyljunkie] 11:49 pm: 10!
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: heartbroken_breaker has left at 11:49 pm
[vinyljunkie] 11:49 pm: Hey b&b
[cgf] 11:49 pm: wb b&b
[vinyljunkie] 11:49 pm: sit still 1-9
[brokenandbreathing] 11:49 pm: wb heatr broken
[brokenandbreathing] 11:49 pm: ty cgf
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:50 pm: My computer Froz 10-4 GOSH
[cgf] 11:50 pm: did you go out driving the streets of England today Vinyl?
[->shadowghost] 11:50 pm: my stepson
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: has left at 11:50 pm
[heartbroken_breaker] 11:50 pm: Thanks Broken
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: has left at 11:50 pm
[vinyljunkie] 11:50 pm: :yeah:
[brokenandbreathing] 11:50 pm: lol ok was wondering u poofed
[vinyljunkie] 11:51 pm: ummmm well i drove to the clinic for bloods cgf lol
[cgf] 11:51 pm: Blocked from us vinyl πŸ™
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: has left at 11:51 pm
[cgf] 11:51 pm: wb bummer:java:
[vinyljunkie] 11:52 pm: :yeah:
[brokenandbreathing] 11:52 pm: wb bummer
[vinyljunkie] 11:52 pm: Hey turtlebum :java:
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: bummer has left at 11:52 pm
[cgf] 11:52 pm: nope; still blocked vinyl….
[vinyljunkie] 11:52 pm: :faint:
[cgf] 11:53 pm: ((((bummer)))):java:
[vinyljunkie] 11:53 pm: turtlebum :java:
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: wendyr has left at 11:53 pm
[cgf] 11:53 pm: wb wendy!
[wendyr] 11:53 pm: sorry ppl computer trouble
[brokenandbreathing] 11:53 pm: wb wendy
[cgf] 11:53 pm: ((((((vinyl))))))
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: bummer has left at 11:54 pm
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: has left at 11:54 pm
[vinyljunkie] 11:54 pm: :yeah:
[cgf] 11:54 pm: we understand wendy
[brokenandbreathing] 11:54 pm: it cool wendy we will get ya here in one sec
[vinyljunkie] 11:54 pm: wb wenders
[cgf] 11:55 pm: got that one vinyl:yeah:
[wendyr] 11:55 pm: I'm chillin
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: kimke has left at 11:56 pm
[cgf] 11:56 pm: never heard it before…
[vinyljunkie] 11:56 pm: you have now lol
[vinyljunkie] 11:56 pm: :yeah:
[cgf] 11:56 pm: yes indeed :yeah:
[cgf] 11:58 pm: chillin sounds good wendy! πŸ™‚
[wendyr] 11:58 pm: Vjers:kiss:
[cgf] 11:59 pm: wb ((((bummer)))):java:
[vinyljunkie] 11:59 pm: :yeah:
[vinyljunkie] 11:59 pm: turtleface :java:
[bummer] 12:00 am: Aha, chat DOES work
[cgf] 12:00 am: :yeah::D
[bummer] 12:00 am: cgf :java:
[bummer] 12:00 am: codheadedhippo :java:
[cgf] 12:00 am: thx. bummer πŸ™‚
[] 12:00 am: hi bummer wb
[vinyljunkie] 12:01 am: *hippo yawn*
[bummer] 12:01 am: Thankees sky :java:
[bummer] 12:01 am: throws some fish into the maw
[vinyljunkie] 12:01 am: πŸ˜€
[] 12:01 am: lol
[cgf] 12:01 am: codheadedhippo:faint:
[shadowghost->] 12:02 am: ok
[vinyljunkie] 12:02 am: my new name cgf
[vinyljunkie] 12:02 am: lol
[cgf] 12:02 am: :faint:
[vinyljunkie] 12:04 am: :yeah:
[cgf] 12:04 am: cgf is picturing this in her mind…
[vinyljunkie] 12:04 am: 8s
[vinyljunkie] 12:05 am: Hey mia
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: Sammy_Sam has left at 12:05 am
[] 12:05 am: hey sammy
[cgf] 12:05 am: :yeah:….are we dancin for real yet?
[vinyljunkie] 12:05 am: wb mia
[cgf] 12:05 am: wb sammy
[Sammy_Sam] 12:05 am: hi jen
[brokenandbreathing] 12:05 am: hey sammy
[Sammy_Sam] 12:05 am: hi cgf
[] 12:05 am: wb sammy
[Sammy_Sam] 12:05 am: hi vince
[Sammy_Sam] 12:05 am: hi sky
[vinyljunkie] 12:05 am: well my legs shakin cgf lol
[cgf] 12:06 am: that'll work vinyl:kiss:
[] 12:08 am: hi smile
[] 12:08 am: hi smile
[cgf] 12:08 am: hello tosmileagain
[Sammy_Sam] 12:08 am: hello to smile
[brokenandbreathing] 12:08 am: hi smile
[ToSmileAgain] 12:08 am: hello everyone
[Sammy_Sam] 12:08 am: hi babs
[vinyljunkie] 12:08 am: Hey smile
[Sammy_Sam] 12:08 am: its so hot here like 106
[Sammy_Sam] 12:08 am: too hot for me
[ToSmileAgain] 12:09 am: Hi viny
[vinyljunkie] 12:09 am: Anyone like etta james?
[] 12:09 am: that's really hot
[brokenandbreathing] 12:09 am: stroming here
[Sammy_Sam] 12:09 am: yeah jen it sure is
[] 12:09 am: i've only heard one song by hr but i love it
[] 12:09 am: I only know at last vj
[vinyljunkie] 12:09 am: :yeah:
[] 12:10 am: wont play in this country vj
[vinyljunkie] 12:10 am: move over prince lol
[vinyljunkie] 12:10 am: :faint:
[vinyljunkie] 12:11 am: take #2
[cgf] 12:12 am: wanna slow dance vinyl?
[vinyljunkie] 12:12 am: πŸ˜€
[cgf] 12:13 am: Lol xoxoxoxo–you know that is one of my favorite songs…..
[vinyljunkie] 12:13 am: purple :rain: :yeah:
[cgf] 12:13 am: Lol:rain::yeah:
[cgf] 12:14 am: purple:rain::yeah:
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: DarkPassenger has left at 12:15 am
[] 12:16 am: hey wild
[wildlife] 12:16 am: evening folks
[vinyljunkie] 12:16 am: Hey wild
[wildlife] 12:17 am: just thought i would come on before bed
[] 12:17 am: welcome. how are you?
[wildlife] 12:18 am: has anyone felt they are having a battle between their positive and negative side i am feeling upbeat and thing the negative is loosing its grip on me
[sitting here in the dark with my eyes closed]: ToSmileAgain has left at 12:18 am
[] 12:18 am: constantly
[vinyljunkie] 12:19 am: 24/7 wild


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