Time passes..I watch the dust in the light move..It never settles

Moments pass ……. My body aches ….so move .still there is pain

    I change channels on the TV ……….its all S H I T these days

Except the weather channel … forecasting… COLD… my heart

   I get up just to go to the bathroom…it takes all my energy

Moments pass……I lay ..looking at the ceiling..thinking, wondering

   Wishing I could get up …clean house….cause everything is messy

But there is no drive to do this..or anything.I need to eat

  I dont want to move I want to sleep…peacefully sleep escape

Moments pass …time..I need to do something..i just depress myself

  Im so useless…lying here …do nothing…why do I exist????

Im not special ..Im not unusually smart or beautiful.. im me…

Moments I think of exactly how un-special I really am

   I havent done anything great…or extremely benevolent…nothing

I dont have anything to be truly proud of …. NO real impact

Moments pass…as i think of all these things im not…And then

 I know I may not be truly great or benevolent or super smart..but

I am someone who has the right to pursue happiness…and I should

With the Moments I can I will pursue my own happiness …because

I dont want my Moments to pass me by ..its not going to be to late



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  1. fschubart 13 years ago

    That”s a good way to look at things and kind of where I”m at today. I think you are very beautiful, both from your picture and by things that you have written. We all exist for a reason and GOD always has a purpose even if we don”t see them. By we I mean "I." Maybe you see what I don”t. Just because I don”t see it, doesn”t mean it”s not there and things can get better when I give them a chance. The past is gone, but I”m not, and you”re not either.

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