It seems that as time goes by I find my inner happiness and feel true joy, and then there is a bump in the road, a pot hole, a hurdle and things get cloudy.

I forget all the tools in my box to deal with my anxiety and depression. I woke up bright and early and thought, Bets you should go for a walk, so I did. I felt the cool air some scattered rain drops and the morning sounds awoke me. i repeated to myself today just for today it will be a good day, and you dont have to over analyze everything and you CAN and WILL get past this. Now given my state of mind right now, my chemicals out of whack I did not come home and brew that cup of coffee I really longed for, instead i made some tea! Choices. I choose yesterday to not take a klonopin to relax, and I went around town with a gf, and then took one around 7 pm, It so helped, and i thought why didnt i do this earlier, its ok i am not addicted to those pills, and it would have made my day so much easier! So after my walk and some tea i took my klonopin. Now Im sure Ill need a nap in a few hours, but that to is ok.

I am going to work real hard on accepting me and know I dont have to suffer with panic and anxiety, i can live with it and in it and still be calm, knowing all the tools i need to overcome are inside me at my disposal, just waiting for me to dust them off and put them to use. The beauty of your inner tool box, no one can steal it or misplace your tools or break them, only yourself.

Happy Saturday, relax take care of you, and enjoy. Vibe One Luv, Bets

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  1. chloe1 12 years ago

    Thank you for taking the time to write this. It is helpful to me.

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