I went to see a physiotherapist yesterday.. The first time in almost 4 years. I have seen them many times before in relation to my stupid knee.

He was really good with me, and really explained everything. I told him how much trouble I have with my knee and after an examination he enlightend me on a few things:

1) When I was going to physio before the therapist had me working the WRONG muscle. My kneecap dislocates to the OUTSIDE therefore the INSIDE muscle has to be stronger to keep it in. Well thats great, concidering now that inside muscle is weak as piss and the outside one is too strong. This also explains my knee buckling on me when I could just be walking.

2) He was surprised that I hadn’t had a more invasive surgery on it. After I explained the frequency of my dislocations, he said that If I had gone back to the Orthopedic Surgeon he would have most likely done an operation on it which would stabilize the kneecap. This pisses me off!!! I have thought that the surgery he did on it hadn’t done anything, and now i have been proven to be right! He suggested that I get back to the doctors asap to get some xrays to see the damage that is in knee.

He tapped up my knee to keep the kneecap in place for know, but the tap came off during the night. I was given a special knee brace for it a few years ago, he wants me to try and find it and start wearing it all the time. FUN! Both the brace and the tape make my knee feel very restricted, but the funny thing about that is, the physio said thats what a NORMAL knee would actually feel like! Go FIGURE! lol

I told him about the catch 22 with if trying to loose weight and having a dodgy knee. He totally understood my problem which i’m glad. I have found that most drs seem to think that i’m using my bad knee as an excuse, which is not the case. Its a case of physically not being able to do it without my knee not coming out, or being in incredible pain. Maybe when I get this all sorted out I might be able to do something about the weight.

I came out of there alot more educated, which i’m glad, and next session he’s going to put an electrode on the muscle to help get it moving again. I’ve had this before, but on the other muscle. I’m going to get back to the doctors next week sometime i think. It’ll be strange going to the doctors about something other than my head!!!! I’m actually hoping that they will refer me to the ortho clinic. I would be very interested in wat they have to say. I’ll definatly do surgery if it was going to help my life come less painful and less scary.

Here’s hoping!


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