Hello and thank you everyone for all the greetings.

I have been very busy lately as many of you know I have been working a lot on my site..

We have a great competition running as we have many who love music. I use music as a way to escape, it helps me having something else to think about, other than life. A few weeks ago we collected names on my forum for a new competition with a challenge.

We had 10 players willing to give it a go.. Not bad for the first time, especially as we all suffer from mental health.

We then split into teams and each player could only add 1-2 pieces to create something musical. It didnt matter if you were blowing down a milk bottle, shaking a box of rice, clapping your hands or playing an instrument. It was about having fun and coming together.

The competition helped in many ways, it broke the ice with starting conversations, many made friends with this and have had a laugh doing so.

After 2 weeks passing the tune from player to player, we finally (last Saturday) had a radio night and both tunes were uploaded for a poll vote on the forum.

I am so proud of everyone and their efforts and even how well the whole competition went. we are now collecting names for the 2nd competition and will be making it a monthly event.

I thought maybe some here would consider voting, or even enjoy listening to the outcome..

You can listen to both teams at

Dont laugh at my singing, LOL.. i have performance anxiety as well.. it has taken me a long time to pluck up the courage to sing, let alone record it..

Oh well.. it was good fun.. I am hoping to lose fear in time and overcome this side of my anxiety.

Hope you all like it.. we urgently need voters..



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