•         What I have, is an all-natural orally administered treatment, which is made up of less than a dozen items, that can be purchased from any Wal*Mart Super Center, or similar type store.  The treatment takes less than one hour to complete.  The total cost, is less than $one dollar$ per treatment.  There is nothing illegal, no prescription drugs, no experimental drugs, or anything that might be harmful to the human body, when used in accordance with the treatment directions.  

          Depression, the most common Mental Illness, is the easiest, and fastest to ‘cure’.  If you give me five people, first thing in the morning.  I treat them, in less than one hour each.  Within 48 to 72 hours, most Mental Illnesses will be gone, (unless the illness was caused by trauma). These results are also the quickest to determine if my treatment works or not.

     What my treatment does, is kill the viruses in the brain that are causing erroneous outputs from the brain.  The treatment also kills all viruses in the human body that it gets too.  It can not get into the spinal column, as neither can any drug that you get from a Dr. that you swallow down with a glass of water.

     With that said, It will also kill HIV viruses in the body, and the Viral Load test, and T-cell test will show after about thirty days the results of the treatment.

      It will also kill viruses in the Pancreas  of a diabetic person.  Soon after the viruses in the Pancreas are ‘dead’ the Pancreas will ‘heal’ itself over a period of time similar to a broken bone heals it self after you put it in a cast and don’t move it for a couple months.  

     It will kill viruses in the Kidneys, Breast, Colon. Prostate, or practically anywhere in the body. And the body will not build up an immunity to this treatment over time.  I suggest taking it once a year, for the average person, as I do.  I haven’t gotton sick in the winter, or caught any of the usual colds, flues, etc that kids bring home from school. (grandchildren in my case, but the illnesses are still the same.

     So, I was thinking, if there was a clinic, on casino property. Say….CASINO CURE CLINIC…people could go in for "natural treatments’. A one hour’ treatment would cure most Depression, and other Mental Illnesses.  The good thing here is that, this treatment would cure, and not just ‘treat’.  Not counting the building and personnel to run it, the actual products that would be used for a ‘one hour treatment’ would cost less than $1.00. If the standard charge was $100.00 per hour, that’s 95 per-cent profit. These clinics could also be set up on reservations as  ‘MEDICINE MAN CLINIC’ and be operated similar to the CACINO CURE CLINICS.       

              But the truth of the matter is, that the Pharmaceutical Companies of the world, would benefit the most, by far, from keeping this information from the rest of the world.

          So there you have it in a nutshell, what I am all about, and what I have. The FDA prevents me from doing anything with my invention (intellectual property) in the United States, other than selling it or forgetting it. I 

 Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon……  Richard   


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