1st blog post on this website! Recently I feel self-cautious, uneasy, & over think so much when I vent to my friends, family, close co-workers, & sometimes even my husband about my anxiety & depression. Overtime it seems like my anxiety has shifted from being anxious about work to social situations. For example, when my anxiety & depression was low & I felt optimistic at the time. I told my brother in-laws, sister in-laws, nieces & nephews, mother in-law & father in-law we will host Christmas at our new house… Why I thought that would be a wonderful idea I do not know why??? But now Christmas is at the end of this week & I feel like canceling it…

Instead of getting my anxiety get the best of me & then anxiety to trigger my depression. I started a short term goal list for my mental health, & one of the short term goals is to go on thetribe daily to “journal” & feel more comfortable opening up since it’s all through the internet & not face-to-face. I find myself being able to better express & explain how I feel when I don’t feel rushed. Already feeling more hopeful about getting into good habits again for my mental health by creating an account on this website today 🙂


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