Hi, I’ve been dealing with a voyeuristic grandpa who has touched himself to either me or my partner’s and my’s private messages since the ending of May. He is also able to see all of my phone activity without having access to my phone because of a password to a “parental monitoring app” that my dad gave him and my brother. He’s chosen to give away that he knows exactly what I do on my phone by quoting my partner’s and my’s conversations I have only told them in one on one situations, and they do not have his contact information at all. We’re both in our 20s so this is illegal for him to be doing this. I’ve contacted law enforcement about both the monitoring and him touching himself in front of me, but have just been told to keep my door locked until I can move out. I’m disabled and the apartment is in his name, so I can’t really keep up with working, hoping to get on disability soon though, but until then this environment is so toxic to put up with, and I don’t really have many I can turn to who will be supportive about all this

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  1. scarred 3 months ago

    Why do those who are support to care and support us feel it is in their rights to hurt, abuse, misuse us with immunity for interference or prosecution? Well one reason is this exact situation. When brought to the correct authorities little was done. I guess they assumed as adults you can handle this. Well you shouldn’t have to deal with a dirty old man groping himself. And why are the police allowing this to go unchallenged? That does not pass the sniff test to me. I’d check with a free legal service. If you have a university nearby a lot of them have law students give free legal info by phone. Good luck

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