Thinking back about the crappy week I had last week I am determined that this one will be better, it hasn’t started off too bad. I have had some lovely dogs come into the grooming salon and had a snow party with a giant Alaskan malamute, wow those dogs can moult. But it is mid-week now and I am feeling a little exhausted from all positive thinking, I know it must sound stupid but I am such a negative person who doesn’t set goals because I think I won’t be able to achieve them.

I suppose it was the thought of how upset my nana would be if she could have seen how poorly I was and so close to a total mental relapse that gave me my determination. I lost my nana last December and it totally turned my world upside down, as I was very close to her. To be truthful I didn’t realise that until I lost her, but I carry all her words of wisdom in my head and will never forget her words of kindness.

Right today … I am going to the gym with my dad in the first time in ages, I am so nervous. Does anyone else get nervous of gym? It sounds ridiculous but I always think people are watching and judging me, and then my paranoia gets too bad and begins to make my voices evil so it’s pretty much a downward spiral from there!

Even though people might not have even acknowledge me step into the gym to work out or even notice me miming away to the songs playing from head phones while I work out.

I wish my dog could go to the gym with me, she always gives me strength and determination. But most places don’t accept dogs so I am looking into a service dog scheme that you are able to apply for a dog with special abilities to her you with everyday life.

Best get at least one more hours sleep before this day starts.


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