I can’t believe I haven’t told you guys yet….friends don’t matter! I figured it out.

It’s true, you do not have to have friends in this world to get by. I am so busy with self-absorption and seeking some temporary thrill to amuse myself, I have lost touch with almost any friend I have ever had. And I am still cookin’ with gas, babay.

What a world we have spawned, attention spans of  10-15 seconds due to youtube, gobs of excitement at our trembling fingertips just by bidding on action figures on Ebay (Big Jim Shall Be Mine), and…collecting friends composed of electrons and photons from all those "staying connected" social websites including our little jobbie right here.

But those people don’t really seem to want to connect…if someone updates their status on Facebook and then you rush to put on your night vision goggles & coveralls and drive over to the restaurant they are in, in your black primered van, just to surprise them…. they seem genuinely upset.  Huh, go figure.

But enough silly idiocy, I spent alot of my life trying to accumulate good friends, and loved to tell people, I have 10 very very very close friends in the world and oh do they love me and I love them and blah blah blah.  It was alot of work, alot of f***ing love, and when the work got to be too exhausting and the love caused bruising, I noticed we all drifted apart like little paper boats in a drainage ditch, some caught on weeds, others flowing away quickly… some water logged and sinking a bit…the natural order of things.

I guess I just don’t get the deal with friends anymore, and I have learned to say….so what? so the f*** what? Almost all people bring pain and sadness if not delicately managed, and that is alot of work, and I am now really very ok with putting that tender love and care into my self instead. Someone should do it…. so why not me. And if others come and go, and its good, it will be good, but as for me?…………. I have set it all free.




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