Because this was running in my head, the words that someone said. They said them to me because like many that come to this site they have issues with spelling. So they come to this site to get support for HIV/AIDS. After going through the registration process they arrive to the home page. They are new to the internet and online, a family member bought them a computer to help them get connected. The first thing they see is a person getting told they have spelled something wrong in a shout out box. Because their skills are not even as good as the person that was being told hey you spelled that wrong, most times I am sure they are aware of the typo or incorrect spelling or use of tense. They will not then talk in the shout out box nor will they talk about things that are going on with them for fear they will be singled out for the use of miss spelling.

Mind you I know I spell words wrong, whatever I do not care. I type things in the” shout out box” as a shout out. It is straight off the hip and out the door. I do not type like regular typing is done I type with three to five fingers at a time as needed. I am not here to win a writing contest nor impress people with my knowledge or at time lack of it. I am here in hopes to find support when I need it and to offer it when I am able.

I have found in life people either love me or they hate me, either way I figure they are thinking about me and it is all good! I am not here for you I am here for me, I am a very giving and true person. I will stand up for myself if I have been wronged by a person. I am strong and a survivor, I just wonder how a new person feels that is all. I have not hopped on a soup box in a long time I liked it!

Dye over and out!


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