well the last time ya'll heard from me, my daughter in law had met someone online and packed up my grandbabies , went to Miss. and got married…it lasted 2 months, but since her mom had moved out there she went and lived on the family land…..I havent seen my babies since…but I get to talk to them sometimes…My niece wanted me to move my trailer onto thier land, so I could help with her baby…I did, and it was a lot of fun, but her husband was a bit abusive, and I got sick of his crap and went to stay with my son, since all the work was gone in AL, it helped him out a lot to have me there…cause I could pay the bills…but you know he was drinking a lot more, and taking things out on me, and my furniture and phones….sometimes I called the law, but they would let him out in a couple of days…he hurt me a few times…and then one night he blacked out and choked and strangled me , and suffocated me, over and over again…when he forgot about me and passed out, I ran down the street to a nieghbor, and we called the law on him….I cant tell you how that episode affected me…I was really freaked out, while he was in jail, my mom called me and told me my niece had a siezure and died….I couldnt believe it, my heart was broken by my son and by Brandy dying so young…I tried helping my son to get sober, but he dont remember what he does when he drinks , finally I just couldnt take it anymore, you know a lot of times I would get away and hide in the woods or on the roof…well I have sisters in Calif since thats where I was raised…and I have sisters in AZ, my sisters talked me into moving to Tempe AZ, my sister had a spare trailer, and said it was mine, course I paid rent…so this was last May, since then, my sister divorced her husband and wanted her trailer back, at the same time my son and his girlfriend showed up out here….I got my own trailer and let them stay to get on thier feet…but you know she did drugs, and he drank, and I was in the same situation…then she left back to AL …..and he has been doing real good, cause he dont have any money…..its taken a minute for him to be able to get a job,cause his ID got lost, and he cant get a job without one….I dont mind him not working cause hes real real nice when hes sober…if he starts getting money then he'll have to move, or I will, anyway, this is the quick story on how Ive been since ya'll last heard from me….and you know what? that crazy person next door came over here twice this evening, he wrote a letter, try to tell us what bad people we are, he doesnt even know what hes talking about…his brain is like scrambled eggs…its really sad, but he keeps on trying to pick a fight with me, I guess me and my kitties will be stayin' in the house for a few days…oh ya, Im in Mesa AZ…..and even if the people are wierd, it is so beautiful out here, so many different kinds of trees and wildflowers…and a real pretty mountain I can see from my yard, its called Superstition Mountain….oh and there is a lemon tree and grapefruit tree in my back yard….can you believe it……….well ya'll stay blessed, Im so happy to see ya'll again…I missed ya……….Shadow


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