Ive been away for a while. Sorry to those of you I used to keep in touch with on a regular basis.  Ive had a rough bought as of late. So, I hope you understand, my absense was not wanted.. but nessessary. So much so, I ended up in crisis care & now find myself back *in the system*. I thought I could do it on my own. but as most of you already know.. that was quite obsurd of me to assume.


I cant say that I wholey trust the care I am recieving. Espeically since I recently had a toxic reaction with medication and was very sick for a while before it was detected. But even still, it has helped me & Ive changed medication. So, as things stand, I am doing OK. Its so confusing at times. Im sure you all can relate. Ive read a ton of literature trying to figure it all out. My diagnosis changes so often though, its hard to know what is or isnt valid.,  So, Ive just tried to stay focussed as best I can and have plans to join a support group here in the next few weeks. But, as per always… I still have unanswered questions and moments when I dont know if I will ever understand. Hell, I still have days when I dont know what the hell is going on.. muchless understand it. hah. All I really want is some sense of *normalcy*… some sense of *peace*. I certainly hope to find it.

I used to just come here to vent. Now, I find myself here seeking some sense of understanding… perhaps some companionship from a likeminded soul. So, anyone willing to take a chance on a somewhat mentally unstable, slightly neurotic, wounded soul… here I am, willing and wanting of conversation and/or possible friendship. lol

cant say I will always be coherant or make much sense… but If nothing else, I try my damnedest to do the best I can.

Whatever the case may be, I wish you all  well & may you find your own peace! Good day!


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