…..everything in your life was exactly how you wish it was.  It could be living in a different place, married to a different person, or being single,  having a different job, changing careers, going to back to school, having more or less children, or having children, moving to a different home etc……..

We can all imagine how life could of turned out differently for the better.

Yet, our lives could of turned out worse.  If we let our minds wonder that way, and let us say that we could undo our choices…. If “we pull the string,” we undo all the good memories as well.  It just means different challenges and different good memories.

What would your life look like if it had turned out better or how you wanted it turn out in your life plan?

What can you control and make your life as good as it can be with what you have to work with in your current life?

My list is:

be the best wife possible,

if I don’t have anything kind to say about his relatives say nothing (so I say nothing)

be a good listener/ be supportive, cook good meals,

make delicious desserts,

maintain the home, look good and smell lovely,

stay caught up with laundry, take the time go get dressed in regular clothes out of sleep clothes even though I have no where go everyday,

explore and make time to enjoy the hobbies/ interests that bring me joy,

improve my mind daily by gaining knowledge,

treat others well who treat me well, manage dealing with toxic people in way that works for me,

and always do big and little things to make the world a better place everyday etc.

We could all make a list of what we wish was better in lives and we all have challenges.

We all have the same number hours in day.

What are you going to do with the time and opportunity that have right now?

  1. brettlea94 10 months ago

    Hello. I think that your post is very balanced. In other words, it seems to describe reality fairly well. Most people would like to change things in their lives. However, if we did change certain things we have been through, we would not be who we are. I myself had a very rough time as a child and adolescent. I was in a very rough home environment, school environment, and had some rougher peer groups. That lead to a lot of negative outcomes for me. However, I learned from all of those negative events. I chose to use those negative things for a good cause. I’m now doing 10x better and am just getting started with where I really want to go in my life. However, I do not know if I would be where I am if I had not been through so much adversity/ challenge. Thus, i am glad of all I have been through and proud of my accomplishments so far on my own journey. Similar to what you said, we would not be who we are without what we have been through. The ancient stoic philosopher and Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius once famously said: “The impediment to our actions advances our actions. That, or who, which stands in our way, becomes our way.” In other words, when obstacles or people try to hinder us, they are telling us to act. We can choose to make positive choices or bad choices. We can choose to learn from mistakes or continue to repeat them. However, we are who we are because of the obstacles we face. I hope your obstacles make you stronger and better. Have a good day.

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  2. Author
    lacey7 10 months ago


    I like that quote by Marcus Auelius. What powerful words! Thank you for sharing it!

    We have two options in life, keep moving forward no matter how well or how challenging things are, or give up and get stuck.

    The very things that could break us if we let them, can be the fuel we need. The fuel that motivates us.

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