It is something to celebrate


I am dealing with a bad asthma attack right now.

It came on suddenly after going outside in the cold for a minute to get something out of my car.  I forgot to wrap a scarf around my face.  I forgot.    Big mistake.

It can be easy to take breathing for granted but it is so important.

Now, I sit here focusing on each breath during this asthma attack and trying to stay calm.  The taste in my mouth is like metal from taking a puff of my inhaler.

Yet, part of getting through a asthma attack is dealing with the bad taste in my mouth mixed with the struggle to breathe.  It is about managing fear mixed with anxiety.   The fight for breath.

Life isn’t always easy for anyone but doing what you need to do push past the challenges is worth it

Just breath…..

I hope that everyone is doing well.




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