I swear if one more person tells me how to feel I am seriously going to lose it on another level. So like you there are so many out there who love us and want the best for us, and if only they can understand what they wish for us is what I would like for myself.

None of us  woke up one morning planning on having underlying mental health concerns. It is more than fair to say just because I am going through something, it dosen’t mean I dont want more for myself and better for that matter. I want the world and everyone at this supportive site to know we are ENTITLED to feel whatever it is we want to feel, in order to process the ebbs and flows of life. We are allowed to take our time to process things in Hopes of a better tomorrow.

Now it’s not guaranteed tomorrow will be better but I am one day closer and that’s better than nothing. Without understanding, patience and compassion people like me cannot move forward. Instead I ask for those who are in my army of wellness to be in the moment with me. No matter what I’m feeling stand with me and let me feel what I am supposed to. Be present in my evolution. You dont have to be cliche but sometimes silence and presence is more than enough.

Be there for me, and I will grow. I will get better. I will be strong again one day. On the days I’m low sometimes I just might want to hear a joke or be wrapped around in a hug where I can cry feeling safe. No matter what I am feeling I need to embrace it. I need to understand it and learn not to resent the feelings of negativity. I want to reconcile with negative feelings. I can’t do that if someone is going to tell me how to feel.

Hug me, kiss me, embrace me, wipe away my tears just be there. Be present.


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