I am 18, i live in ohio but am originally from california (i have moved a total of 9 times due to my dads job). When i was 12 my mom got in a fight with her mom from that point on my mom and i have never ever gotten along, but i had nothing to do with her fighting with her mom. My mom takes out her hate on resent towards her own mother on me. My grades began to gradually fall from that point on, i just found out that i got a 1.25 GPA in my first semester of college. i also just got back from my court hearing, i stole a bottle of pepto bismol from a gas station and got caught and charged with theft. These past 6 months have been the worst of my life. I dont know what to do, who to turn to, or where to go from the position i am in. Im lost in life, i feel like im alone in my situation and i have no friends here in ohio to talk to. My friends all live in indiana because that is where i used to live before my family moved, again, to ohio at the end of my senior year. I just want all the pain to go away, i wish i could just have a do-over in life and try it all again. MY twin sisters are much more highly regarded than i am in my family. I feel invisible, like i have to figure out my problems on my own and i dont know how. I just wish i had something or someone to help me. Im watching my self slowly be destroyed. I know what my choices will do to me but i have an inablility to steer myself away from bad choices. i dont know what to do, or where to go. I want to start over, declare bankruptcy on my life and try it all again. I know what i should have done in my past, its figuring out where to go in my future that is the problem.


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