What is depression?

It’s when shadows fade into the nightfall of the setting sun.  The things in the room slowly disappear into the darkness, everything fades into black.  Silence—so quiet it hurts.  It puts pressure on the eardrums, beating from the inside of your chest.  You’re alone.  No one can save you when you’re down in this hole.  You drown in your own tears; grow deaf by your own screams.  Grabbing a hold on to anything sturdy—your hair, your clothes, your skin; everything on the outside.  You want to escape, climb out from the skin in which you hide.  Tear off the mask from behind you are sheltered. 

What is depression?

You take pills until your mind goes numb.  Tear your skin until your blood drips to the floor below you.  You scream.  Pound the ground breaking the surface in where you are suffering.  Tears and sweat and blood all combine and flood your mind and the depths of your hands; drips from your finger tips.

Can’t go on—been fighting this infuriation, this curse, with everything you have.  No one understands. 

Just smile, just be happy.

Anyone who’s had depression knows that it’s not that simple.  Anybody who says those things will never understand until they are facing depression themselves.  For everyone it’s different.  We all have our strengths, all have our weaknesses.

What is depression?

It’s when you don’t have the strength to move on—or the will to continue breathing.  It’s when you don’t feel the need for your heart to beat or your blood to run.  You deprive yourself from everything you love—because you don’t deserve those gems.  Depression is when you cry because you are so alone and you have nothing else on your mind except death.  It’s when you think you’d be better off gone.

What is depression?

It’s when you hate who you see in the mirror.  It’s when you ache physically and mentally.  It’s the darkness.  It’s the tears.  It’s the screams.  It’s the cuts—the blood.  It’s the pain.  It’s when death becomes the only thing upon your mind.

What is depression?

It can be treated.   

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  1. Jesha 12 years ago

     God When I am depressed, My english is bad and I hardly talk!

    Well, i cried reading ur blog. Well -written!

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