Well, it is Wednesday, actually it is going to be Thurdsday, and it’s 2:58 am est. Wednesday is a class day, which means the day is field with physical and mental activity. I did have a break thru today. I started the day at 8 am and went until 10 pm, and when i got home i was both mentally tired and physically tired. I was kind of happy. I have to go see the social security medical people tomorrow, to evaluate my ocd and determine if i can get a supplement to my income. I hope that they approve it, at least for the next 4 years. It wil give me a chance t correct all the wrong that happen because of the ocd. I am having a hard time concentrating on writing this blog, which actually is a good thing. I really feel somehow my sleeping patterns are tied in with the sun. When the sun comes out I instantly get tired, and as soon as it goes down, I can’t sleep, unless i drive myself to exhustion. My doctor suggested I pick up some metatonine, i am not sure if I spelled that write. I think it is to help me from being tired and not tired, I have no idea if that makes sense. I can feel my schedule is picking up, so i am hoping the day planner will keep me sane. I split my week up so i go to classess on monday and wednesday. That adds up to 4 classes at 12 credits a semester. I am self-employed and working on my writing carrer, ever since i got fired from Busch Gardens. I had success with publishing my first book, but haven’t sold any copies yet. I also prduced my own Podcast shows, which actuall are doing well, with visitor traffic. I have to see my doctor on Saturday. I feel lucky, that life has guided me to find a doctor that only sees patients’ on weekends. On tuesday and thursday, i take care of thing that are need to be done on the house. Saturday and sunday and friday are my self work day, which combines my studies, writing, contacting people, and playing games. I want to try to sqeeze in going to the beach. The beach is free, and its a place to go to to relax and work on my tan.


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