How many times will I have to hear, “Why are you like this” before I realize that there’s something wrong with me? My sister continuously hurts my feelings but I can’t tell whose in the wrong because she seems to only blame me. Im not saying I don’t ever do anything wrong. Im just saying that I cant ever tell her how Im feeling, be upset, or even cry without her in my face about how its my problem. Maybe It is. Maybe Im the one that needs to stop being such a baby about things and grow up. But how many times can I just ignore what she does because in the next hour she’s a completely different person. She acts like everything is fine and dandy even though two hours ago she yelled at me and made me feel like crap. I just let it go because I dont wanna hear her say that Im sensitive and I suck one more time and I wanna stay in her good graces. How many lectures can I hear before I finally break. It feels like Im on the edge of a cliff and every time she makes me feel like crap I get one step closer to falling off but she pulls me back with her patchy kindness. Am I just selfish or is it possible that she can be the one in the wrong too? She cant do anything wrong because to everyone in my family, her highness is perfect in every way. Im the screwup. I wish there was a way to turn off my emotions so they can stop getting me into trouble.

Yours truly,


  1. delane1 3 years ago

    springrose315, YOU do what YOU need to do for YOU!!!!! What other people think or say is not the issue–you have to take care’a yourself, hun.

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    • Author
      springrose315 3 years ago

      ***Hugs back***
      Thank you! I thought about that but doesn’t that make me a selfish person that only cares for herself? That what the people in my life would say at least.

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