• The privacy that the only people who know they exist is their family and friends. No one has a passionate drive to kill them or has any comments to air at all.
  • They can live with their mum and dad or grandparents.
  • They can excel at work because nobody criticises them.
  • When they fight back with someone who is trying to destroy them, that fiand is outnumbered. When they are teased and fiands are just being sick fiands and admit to it, they fight back and this new knighted villain transforms into liking them. Then they still make them leave and they are gone.
  • They have viable threats that work. They can trap them in a threat / reward sandwich.
  • Intelligence. They know how to obtain books, shop for food other than the supermarket, suss people out, read people’s eyes and faces and minds. Navigate.
  • A big luxury house with a giant got tub, aromatherapy steam room, private chef, BBQ, clothes. A Missy breed of cat.
  • Real friends, who actually set them up with others to succeed, not fail. These friends don’t get jealous but feel happy for them. Even if they want to sleep with their brother.
  • They are a wrestler and can keep themselves physically safe. They can defend themselves physically and mentally. They can take the SHIT physically and mentally!



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