I hate one say that they care about you and honestly didn’t really don’t.

People they say all the time If you need any help just let me know and when the time comes

…. You hear crickets.

The only love in my life  ghosted me

After 4 years.  Just became a grandfather 1st time Hes never coming back.

I really thought he cared.  I don’t know what  Is wrong with me.


I have no friends or family although everybody is quick to say on Facebook that I do. Where is my help? … I needed to  move a refrigerator. … It’s known I have very badd back…..people helped me? A simple task. Nope

I am living in a situation Where anybody on welfare their caseworker would say it’s unfit  for living….me  I make too much money they say and only cost me $650 for the off honor of working every month.

They think I have that I traveled very far to work and work long hours I have the money to change my oil get tires breaks …

I have a feeling I’m gonna end up dead this Winter  Because I can’t afford any repairs

My electric  Is shot I only have one line working left. My toilet doesn’t flush . My sink in my kitchen has no pipes.

I can’t afford heat and hot water in the Winter

I been fasting most of the last few weeks.. cant afford food. Food? bill? food? bill?  I’m overwhelmed. Food pantry wont help. I make “to much”  again.

I have no joyment outside of work. Well I’m able to do is work. Im falling to pieces

I need help and I can’t get it I need medical and I can’t get it. I need friendly support of real live people and I can’t get it.

” If I only knew what done something I would have said something different ”

No one cares .you could tell them point blank to the face and they wont hear you.

My crime is I dont have 20 babies with different fathers and I work a full time job.


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  1. ucfdarkknight 4 years ago

    i’m sorry to hear about all the things you’re going through

    i definitely know what you mean when people say they’ll help you, but they don’t really care. i let people know in May how depressed I was in May. People reached out for like 2/3 weeks, then they slowly started becoming busy and all of a sudden I wouldn’t hear from them. oh well. whatever

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