My 16 birthday was quite while ago but I would like to talk About how great it was!

It was the fucking worst… Not also was I severely depressed, I was terrified. I was scared I was going to get Punched or choked, Emotionally Abused or The worst Sexually assaulted. I didn’t want to be around these monsters not on my birthday… None of them cared that it was my birthday, I can prove it too, Just be there at my 17, if I make it..

I had people take about how there sweet 16 was so cool and How that they are getting a car for there 16th birthday: You know what I got for my 16 birthday. I bet if you guessed you know… Yeah, you’re right nothing, well technically; Nope we are both wrong, I got the best gift in the world! I got to spend Time my Shity family and guess what nobody cared in my family, Yay! Ohhh and to make it worse, My Sexual/Physical/Emotional Abuser  (my brother) got a tv, a computer and now he got his car paid off because my family loves him so much and for working so “hard”. My other abuser Emotional/Physical Abuser bought a 40,000$ Car! So it’s  Not like they couldn’t get me anything… They just didn’t give of shit about me.

I love my birthday wish too, I wished to die. I wished to die on my birthday! Sometimes I wish that one day it would come true but now I have A few people who I don’t want to leave, They want me to stay. Some need help more than others and some are very nice. They are the ones who I would say are saving my life, I don’t want them to have the same experience I’ve had, I’m strong and I protect myself but some might not get that chance and if You need me to pick you up I will.

If you chose I will try and help you if you so chose to. I don’t want the same experiences I’ve had. Stay strong my friends, stay strong.

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  1. ucfdarkknight 4 years ago

    i’m sorry to hear you had a crappy 16th birthday

    i hope you make it to your 17th and that it will be an amazing one

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